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In the Realm of Eternal Silence

Updated on November 8, 2016

The evening is swamped with low-key occurrences; pondering upon never to ever voice again.

Dance with me, you stranger of neglected memories!

Floating within the midst of a frosty, meaningless rhythm, I witness an outsider from the ancient dawn of another breath.

Grant me a day when color has no meaning to judge or terminate! I ache to dance within that behavior!

Scholarship me a day where vehemence has no purpose of life beyond its howling grave! I see beyond dirt and root!

Endow me a day which will continuously escort mother toward the memories of daddy’s spirit. I create all past and future tunes of smiles, abound!

In the realm of eternal silence, speak to me when all other voices have died so many stars past.

In the realm of eternal harmony, clinch me within the hands that could never at all ever, touch again!


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