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Updated on November 10, 2015

Turns out,we lost.

After losing the independence debate and poll,a lot of people were left scratching their heads in disbelief,including myself.The days leading up to the final vote,implied that the Yes campaign were in with a favourites chance.Just goes to show,you should take polls with a pinch of salt.

Now,in the aftermath,David Cameron made lots of promises to the people of Scotland regarding powers etc.Now what remains is,to see if he can keep the promises.Lots of political commentators are emphatic that he cannot keep all his promises.A lot of his fellow Tory MPs stated they will boycott his vote and vote against him.They reckon Scotland shouldn't be granted more powers,while England is left lagging.Of course they are probably correct,it does seem unfair making lots of promises to Scotland,while leaving England languishing at the rear.One things for sure,the coming months will be interesting to see how he appeases every country.

Scotland has a destinyLike never before

Do we say goodbye to England

And open the independence door.

What's left after defeat,

hold our heads up high

Some people took it bad,

quite a few did cry.

It's not all doom and gloom,

maybe good times ahead

We just need to watch ,

which political path we now tread.

We lost the campaign,

is everything lost

A sense of tragedy,

like an unwelcome frost.

Battles lost and won,not at the end of a gun.

What lies ahead,sadness or some fun.

We won't know much till a few months time

Will the Tories deliver their promises,

Will the independence bell start to chime.

Alec stirs trouble.

After giving up the First a Minister job,Alec Salmond has been frequenting the UK Parliament more.He is planning to run against a liberal democrat safe seat in Scotland.By all accounts he has as much chance of winning the seat as anyone.The Scots are a bit disillusioned with the liberal democrat MP for the area.I think it will be a close contest,and not just between Snp and Lib-Dems.Labour are not to be discounted,as they are as likely to steal the vote as any other party. One party can definitely be counted out of the race.The Tory party have little or no chance of winning a seat in Scotlabd. Their popularity in Scotland has never been high.A lot of Scottish people have long memories of the Thatcher years,and consequently cannot forgive the Tories for using Scots as a guinnea pig for many laws and taxes before it was rolled out UK wide.

Alec Salmond has a reason for running for a constituency seat.He believes if he wins a seat in Scotland,he's in a better position to represent Scotland in Westminster,maybe he is right,only time will tell.

Who's in it for who?

politiciand bluster,scream at their kin

really annoying,no one will win.

only interested in serving themselves

just to increase their personnel wealth.

would not trust them,sleekit and shifty

only with their own cash do they remain thrifty.

vote them in for another four years

their mortgage paid,they shed no more tears.

120.000 per year,80.000 for expenses

Can't get near them,barriers with fences.

at the end of the day,someone has to rule

the affairs of a country,often ran by a fool.

Oil and toil.

Snp reckon we can survive from our oil

Tories reckon we'd have endless turmoil.

banding about figures,billions of pounds

each political party,make their own sounds.

whos to be believed,who can you trust

all their opinions upon us they are thrust.

independent bodies,experts in this

mind is being fried,you really could miss

the vital points,read between the lines

if they get it wrong,possible fines.

It's sometimes about who appeals most.

I've spoken to some people who voted on looks alone,what I mean is.If they liked the look of say David Cameron they would vote that way.everyone has their own technique for casting their votes,but this was a new one on me.A close friend told me he didn't like the look of Alec Salmond,so he voted no in the recent referendum.You can never predict how or why people vote the way they do.Each to their own as the saying goes.

Pendulum swinging.

what way will they swing? What way will the British electorate vote.Its definitely going to be one of the closest fought elections in recent years.All polls at the moment suggest a hung parliament.

this also produces its own problems. If current polls are to be believed,neither Labour or the Tories can win an outright majority.Labour would need to consider doing a coalition deal with either the Liberal Democrats,or the Scottish National Party,the latter Ed Miliband has ruled out with certainty.under no circumstances will he consider asking the Snp for a coalition. The Tories are in a similar position,they would need to get the liberal democrats to join again in a coalition,even if they secure this deal,it's still not enough,they would still need Snp help to form a government.This will be an exciting election indeed.

Definitive Decision.

Each election ive voted in over the years,ive never doubted my vote.Ive always been very sure who I would vote for before I got to the polls.Lots of people I know didn't have their minds made up even as late as the day they arrived to cast their votes.I use the same technique every time.i weigh up all the parties,who I think has the best intentions for the country.Then I tend to vote in that direction. It kind of worries me the amount of people haven't made their minds up by voting day.I would not like being so indecisive so close to an election. I think it's always best to be firm in your convictions before getting there.Its served me well in the past,so I will use this system again come May 2015.

so many times.

The British public has been let down constantly over the years.Each time we get an MP that appears to be clean,they go and let us down.If it's not fiddling their expenses,it having extra marital affairs. They show weakness when fortitude is really needed.They seem fallible instead of solid in their committents, They really can't expect anything less if their historical adventures don't line up too well. You never know,we may be blessed with an Mp we can trust in the future,time will tell.


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    • bigj1969 profile image

      John Marshall 3 years ago from glasgow

      Thanks Ericdierker

    • Ericdierker profile image

      Eric Dierker 3 years ago from Spring Valley, CA. U.S.A.

      Very interesting on a very interesting topic.