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Indomitable Spirit Against Destiny's Denial

Updated on August 19, 2015

Her Dream Is Broken


Indomitable Spirit against Destiny's Denial

She saved some money and she wove a dream

She did tireless work and she thought of a home

She bought bricks before she stored enough sands

She stocked cements she rent workers' hands.

Komen came, came as if cow or crow does come

Abruptly before one's running bike to make some

Unexpected mishaps. To die and defame

Are common fruits caused against owner's name.

She thought she would be called the real son

For responsibilities and liabilities to have won

The wrest against fate or ours' nature's Don

Before leaving the home forever and would have gone.

Struggle is the restless essence of life not to hide

Endless effort, defeat-less heart makes you succeed.


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    • supremeupbeat k profile image

      Mahadeb Kar 5 months ago from Somewhere in India

      thank you dear.

    • manatita44 profile image

      manatita44 5 months ago from london

      Another nice message and good effort. It seems to be a free verse sonnet. The last two lines will be better rhyming or balanced out. Check this;

      "Struggle is the essence of life's sweet tides,

      In a dauntless Heart does success abides."

      Much Love.