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Change is Constant

Updated on April 10, 2017

They say “the only constant in the world is change”

In the books of our life, in every turning of page

Something will vary, whether you like or not

Change isn’t easy to accept, not easy to stop

If we are used to one thing

We won’t see the change coming

Protect yourself from upcoming harm

There is no notice, there is no alarm

Expect the unexpected many of us may say

Don’t expect it to happen tomorrow because it happened today

We have to grow up and start the preparations immediately

Sometimes when life is tough, it is not bad to feel lonely

We have to be prepared for change

Don’t be devoured by your own rage

Accept that somebody leaves, somebody stays

Do not be afraid to fight back, there is many ways

No need to panic, just calm down

Occurrence of change is normal in town

Defend yourself with experience and knowledge

Don’t be afraid to take on every challenge

We have to face different circumstances everyday

Most of the time, our response is to pray

There are times that we just want to cry

Because we were very tired to try

But after some time tackling challenges we will grew

By using experience gained from challenges and the things we knew

We can say we are more than ready

For changes that occurs frequently

Change is inevitable my friend

But don’t worry a hardship is not the end

The important thing is to face it courageously

Be prepared to face any situation calmly


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