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Infinite terror.

Updated on November 11, 2015

Constant feeling.

we live every day with the threat of terror

along the years,one governments error.

interfering in matters that are not our concern

there must be a bonus,some cash to earn.

invading small countries under the guise of peace

eyes always diverted to see what they can fleece.

forceably changing matters on foreign soil

inevitably getting the rights to take their oil.

lying about weapons of mass destruction

law unto themselves,stopping the function.

should be held accountable for their illegal acts

made to tell the truth,not mess with the facts.

Government dictators like Bush and Blair

sent soldiers to their death,they didn't care.

should be charged with war crimes,

should be made to stand trial

for their indiscretions,reverse the dial

they are extremely good at taking the moral high ground

regarding evidence against them,not so easily found.

ministers,politicians,MPS and more

when asked awkward questions,they slam the door.

a law unto themselves,answer to no one

families lose their kin,more often their son.

if I had the choice,line them outside

let them go on the emotional ride.

let them send their sons to a god awful situation

see if they play on their own patriotic nation.

the worlds a harsh place,will there ever be peace

time will tell what comes,enough killed,let's have peace.

Each and every day.

what's the solution to this terrible curse

spending more money from the government purse.

putting more Police or armed soldiers on the street

the sheer increase in threats,we could never meet.

no one really knows how to tackle

this ever present threat

experts say they do

they don't, you can bet.

At the end of the day,it will take an almighty solution

To have peace on earth,rid society of the evil pollution .

A new era.

No quick fix.

experts claim they know the solution to this horrific and increasing brand of terror.the problem is governments invade these countries without even understanding a fraction of the religious factions of that country.inevitably they ignore certain religious groups,then chaos tends to follow.its going to be hard to appease every religious group in Iran,or iraq or afghanistan,or any other country for that matter,to kick the process on a bit,each of the religious groups would maybe give a little to maybe try to understand each other's views.if that happened,you might see a better outcome in the future.

Moving forward.


what's definitely a no no

is a country with an agenda

an alterior motive

the last big spender.

some one with no morals,conscience or thought

affecting a countries people,that cannot be bought.

has to be sought on an even pace

the future can't be decided,

it's not a race.


Imagine a future with no need for weapons to's a thought and a seems so out of reach at the moment,it's never properly dreamed about.what if every power in the world came to the table and agreed on peace .if all weapons were destroyed in an act of compassion and hope.i sadly don't ever see this happening any time soon,and more likely not in my lifetime.lovely dream though.

What does Peace need?.

no greed , no fight

no loss of sight

no arguing,no bombing,

no murder for hire

burn the old world,

throw in the fire.


contemplate and restart

then countries might not

seem so far apart.


what if? why not?

peace maybe? not bought

truth,freedom,new age ,new time

see with new eyes ,emotions will pine.

love not greed, sow the seed

attempt to care ,your heart won't tear.

achieve the goal ,cleanse the soul.

start a new,the emotional bowl.

New York commemorates lives lost.

Waking to Find !

i would love to wake one morning to flick on my television ,to my favourite news channel like I do each day,and there to be the best news story to ever reports of death,no reports of people killing in the name of persecution of country at war,no famine,no greed, no disease,no,what a news story that would be.


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