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Multiversity in Marvel Comics

Updated on August 21, 2019
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Abuzar is still a student and polishing his skills of writing an article.

Mashing up superheroes is new for Marvel Comics, while other than Amalgam comics DC comics have mashed up their characters in Superman/Batman #60 and they have a Universe of mashed up characters called Earth #2.

Earth #32
Earth #32
Superman/Batman #60
Superman/Batman #60
Amalgam Universe
Amalgam Universe

Infinity Warps new characters are:

Soldier Supreme


Stephen Rogers known as Soldier Supreme is the combination of Captain America the super soldier and Doctor Strange the sorcerer supreme in the new infinity war series. A sorcerer that is skilled in hand to hand combat is the best sorcerer ever.

Iron Hammer


Stark Odinson known as the Iron Hammer is the combination of Iron man and Thor. Stark was captured by frost giants to create a suit. A Thunder God with genius level intellect and more than a dozens of armor is impossible to defeat in a combat.

Weapon Hex


Weapon Hex is the combination of X-23 and Scarlet Witch. What is better than a healing and back stabbing witch. A witch and a skilled combatant is the only thing that a team would need.



Arachknight is the combination of Spiderman and Marvel's Batman, the Moon Knight. Arachknight is just like Batman with superhuman strength, web shooters and spider sense. This hero could easily defeat you while making jokes too.

Ghost Panther


Ghost Rider riding a panther is the combination of Black Panther and Ghost Rider. The spirit of vengeance and the spirit of panther together with genius level intellect, leadership and penance stare are the abilites that every villain should be scared of.

Red Dormammu


Red Dormammu is the combination of Red Skull and Dormammu. A ruler of dark realms who has an army of sorcerers.

Krimson Kurse


Krimson Kurse is the combination of Crimson Dynamo and Kurse. The villain with a strength that rivals the god of thunder with a suit that rivals the Iron Man armor.



Malekith the master of the ten realm rings is the combination of Malekith, the dark elf and Mandarin. A villain that has genius level intellect, mystical powers, skilled martial artist and ten rings with different powers.

Madame Hel


Madame Hel is the combination of Madame Masque and Hela. The Goddess of death, skilled in hand to hand combat and expert marksmanship makes her a worthy opponent for Iron Hammer.

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