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Inform yourselves

Updated on May 17, 2011

Faces grey
no signs of peace
reduced by life
no minds at ease

I can’t believe
what I’m looking at
I’m wondering why
are all so sad

I look around
and realize
that they have all
been paralyzed

by the system that rules
allowing only
obedient fools

The system that
we must abide
has many traps
a lot to hide

Do not cave in
do not give up
inform yourselves
don’t ever stop

Know where you stand
be aware of your rights
use knowledge to battle
this ultimate fight

Unlawful acts
are carried out
harassing the public
creating doubt

Playing games
with the public they serve
regardless of laws
trapped in their world

Do not cave in
don’t ever give up
battle with knowledge
to make them stop


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