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The Inheritance Cycle and Eragon Series Top Fantasy Novels With Final Book, Inheritance by Christopher Paolini

Updated on July 6, 2012

This Trilogy was so good it needed a 4th book!

The Inheritance Cycle began with Eragon in 2002. At the tender age of 16, Christopher Paolini unveiled to readers his world of Alagaesia. At least that’s when he presented it to us, with the character Eragon at its helm. Alagaesia is a large and complex world. Paolini must have been contemplating and evolving this magnificent world for some time before he began the 1st book of the Inheritance Cycle. Fantasy novels tend to have imaginative lands, regions and different races. For example, JRR Tolkien created the elaborate world of Middle-Earth for his Lord of the Rings Trilogy. It is considered by many to be the standard to which fantasy novels are compared.

In the Inheritance Cycle, Paolini does a masterful job of diagraming out his world of Alegaesia to the reader. The best fantasy novels lay out richly described regions for the imaginative reader to place its characters and events in. From the start of Eragon, you realize Alagaesia is lush and teeming with many different races and personalities. In most fantasy novels, there is an evil that spurns the hero toward his/her destiny. Eragon has a powerful Nemesis. This empire is ruled by Galbatorix and his nefarious minions. Eragon is the hero to which the destiny of toppling Galbatorix is assigned to.

Christopher Paolini on Eragon and Inheritance

4th Book: Inheritance


The 1st book: Eragon

The Inheritance Cycle begins with Eragon as a young farm boy in a small rural area in Alagaesia. Paolini paints Eragon as young and inexperienced relative to the world outside of his surroundings. Of course all this changes when he discovers a dragon egg. Upon hatching, Eragon and the young dragon become intrinsically linked through magical forces. Thus their journey begins on an adventure that will take them through 4 fantasy novels and most of Alagaesia. Eragon and Saphira encounter many unique customs along the way.

While Fantasy Novels aren’t necessarily known for their love stories, The Inheritance Cycle certainly has an aspect of Romance to it. While these relationships are merely a sub-plot line in the overall story, it does add a bit of intrigue to the global storyline. Eragon, the main character, and his cousin, Roran, both develop as characters with their own love interests. Roran’s romance happens to be a principal driving force for his character development. Eragon and Arya have an enigmatic and professional relationship that bend the strings at times.

Contained within the world of Alagaesia are many races and peoples who must unite in order to defeat the evil of Galbatorix. Within this political landscape, uniting the different cultures and peoples of Alagaesia becomes a central definition to Eragon and his character development. Throughout the 4 books of The Inheritance Cycle, Eragon has a duty to unite allies. He attempts to accomplish this daunting task by being a role model in both thought and action to all the different races of Alagaesia. Eragon learns much about others, and of course himself in the process.

One aspect I loved about the The Inheritance Cycle is its readability for older children. In my particular case, our 9 year old son was originally responsible for getting my wife and I into the series. When he was only 7, we began reading the 1st book, Eragon , to him. By the second book, Eldest , he was reading on his own. And when the 3rd book, Brinsingr , came out all 3 of us were clamoring to read it! It was wonderful to see 3 bookmarks in the same book. Meals and road trips were full of discussions about the adventures of Eragon and Saphira. We waited semi-patiently for nearly 2 years until the 4th book, Inheritance , was released.

Paulini is descriptive and elaborate with his writing style. Throughout each of the 4 Fantasy novels, there is no cursing or sexually graphic nonsense. It is a family friendly, adventurous fantasy novels series. The Eragon series is highly recommend to anyone who enjoys imaginative literature.


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