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Inmate of the Month

Updated on June 7, 2013

Parts of this story involve drug use, alcohol, and illegal acts. Most of all it’s a story of stupidity. Some of the events are word for word accounts of the adventure while other parts are pieced together from other accounts.

Three friends (we will call them) Jack, Phil, and Bob decided to go to spring break in Florida. All three where in college at the time (although Phil was in a different collage than the other two) and spring break is a time honored tradition. all three worked while in college but one of them (Phil) worked as a bouncer at a strip club making enough to pay for his tuition and a good life style (nice apartment, Mustang, etc). Only Phil could pay for the trip as well as supply the drugs the three where accustom to (a little marijuana, coke, speed, and some sort of animal tranquilizer). Jack said he would provide the car and gas for the trip so Phil’s money could buy more alcohol. Just to help set the scene Jack had tried to dye his hair red but after hating it he cut it down to the roots. This instead of losing the color instead took his hair from a red to a pink.

Day1: the three arrive in Florida after a strait drive from Stow, Ohio. Because no one planed this trip they spent hours looking for a place to stay. Eventually they found a place a short walking distance from the beach. None of the three where drinkers as much as they where college age kids (under age) looking to get drunk. So vodka was the drink of choice the cheaper the better. Drinking, speed, and (as he said it) horse tranquilizers where the way they spent the rest of the day.

Day 2: Jack wanted to go to the beach while the other two wanted to go into town and try and sell some of the drugs they brought. Now this part of the story is unclear. At some point they began to fight and in a moment of drug filled anger Jack decided he did not want to stay in Florida with the other two anymore. So he packed his bags and left leaving the two stranded in Florida. Jack had little money so he decided to do what he had too so he could get back. This included several “pump and runs.” This was before you had to pay before you pump or use a credit card (and one of the reasons why we have to do this). He would go to a pump as close to the entrance as possible. Pump three to five gallons then place the nozzle on the ground and drive away. He would do this at least three times (although some times in this story he would say as much as six times).

Day 3: Early in the morning he reached the West Virginia Turnpike. When telling the story he would at first say he had no money, but what he really means is he had no money that he wanted to spend on the turnpike. He was saving his money so he could get something to eat along the way. He slowly approached the side of the road near an operations building for the entrance then sped up and around the toll booths. Being a genius it did not occur to him that they would radio to the next booth and have the police waiting for him or to stop and speak to the officials who would have given him a paper so he could pay the amount later.

Now imagine the scene. Here is this man surrounded by police more than likely either still high on drugs or coming of those drugs with short pink hair. He described the first part of this as looking like the show Cops (one of the police had been on the show) with police yelling with guns drawn. When they had him in handcuffs and heard the non illegal parts of his story the laughing began. In the end his sister came down and picked him up. The small jail facility included a picture (mug shot) of him with his thumb up (pink hair) and a bumper sticker “Inmate of the month.” If I had that picture I would post it.

This happened in the 90’s and like I said I changed names to protect the stupid. I may have some parts of this story wrong and it is different from the way the actual people say it. My account is an amalgamation of the story as told by the three and others who were told different aspects of it. one ironic turn to this story is that Jack now works at a gas station.

Have you ever done something like this?

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