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Inner City Sanctums.

Updated on November 9, 2009

Inner City Sanctums




Curbside prophets practice
their communion with the streets,
in somewhat unholy ways.

Rag-tag, bearded guttersnipes,
scarf half smoked
butts of incense,
to use as burnt offerings
to the devout habit
life has granted them.

Most of their hours are
spent collecting tithes from
the passing assemblies
to gain a taste of heaven
from the grapes of the gods.

Homeless waifs wander off of
many concrete avenues of despair
seeking to end their fasting
by the act of genuflecting
inside back alley dumpsters.

Others pawn their vessels virgin,
to the demons of lust,
giving perverse new meanings
to the label hitting the skids.

Painted ladies offer sanctuary,
to the worshippers of lust,
as they fall on bended knees
and pay lip service to the
flesh idols of fertility.

Curbside prophets from
pagan sects, all practicing
daily and nightly the
faithless rituals
of the damned.


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