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Innocence Bleeds - Flash Fiction

Updated on November 20, 2019
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Nikki is writer of many short stories. Flash Fiction is another form which Nikki is exploring now.


Innocence Bleeds - Flash Fiction

This tingling sensation in my joints was causing oodles of trouble. What were those white-uniformed mortals trying to accomplish? Nothing was more left here to inspect. Just some fleshy limbs were like bleeding perforations. Lying still on this cold operating stature was the most toughest thing to do. My heart was pounding so loud like beating the drum. I almost hated those thorny needles in both wrists which were as heavy bricks on my chest.

l just wanted to get out of this horrible place. Run as fast as I could and hid somewhere not to be found ever. But escape wasn't possible. All I could remember my hardest craving was to eat some double chocolate chip ice cream. Yum. My tongue started watering already like beads of sweat in hot wild summer. But this was November month. So no chance.

Finally, I got a glimpse of the outer world. My dad was standing on the right crying. I closed my swollen sore eyelids. A young nice-looking lady came across my side.

"I want ice cream, double chocolate chip, please," I yelled.

Smile filled her pink soft lips. She showed her thumb gesture. I couldn't give my consent though. Doctors cleared all my way. They took me to a private air-conditioned room I ever dreamed of. Dad knocked on the door and was allowed. He looked so tired and scared. His scruffy clothes were a shame but we couldn't afford otherwise. I won't be a servant in that big bungalow if we could buy us food and fabric.

The lady I saw outside came in with a big fountain cup of chocolate chip ice cream. She handed it to my father. He looked at the cup and then stared at me with his spiky eyes. I flicked my tongue out to get the taste. It was so delicious. I forgot my agony. She came forward and bent over. Tears were rolling down over her cheeks.

"Thirteen stitches," Doctor whispered in her right ear.

I did hear it. An ironic distressing feeling entered into my shaken thin body. I was crumpled up like a toast. I could recall his bloody beast face in my mind. I was cleaning the wet white tiled marble when that human-like monster attacked me. I screamed so badly for help. Got ripped apart in no time. The white floor filled up with my own blood.

I fell there covered with red bright blood. My landlord was laughing on one side. Father came from nowhere. He pulled out his big shawl and spread it over my grieving skeleton. I was still crying loudly when the police and that lady came. She came closer and patted my head to console. I was trembling with fear. Her face went dark. She stood by me.

"A boy is brutally raped. He is just nine." She spoke on her microphone.

I did understand this very term now. My nerves were stinging me so sharply. They handcuffed that bloodthirsty critter and crawled him away. That polite lady called out an ambulance. Now I was laying on this hospital bed. Counting on my mistakes and this troubled destiny. All I got was this chocolate chip ice cream and my engrossed thoughts.

© 2019 Nikki Khan


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