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Innocent Murderer

Updated on May 21, 2020
moinpathan profile image

Moin is a student of Humanities (Arts). His hobby is writing Short Stories, Poems and Articles. He lives in India and loves meeting people.

Have you ever been controlled by someone? I have been. Let me tell you my story.

I am Geoff Humphrey. I am a cartoonist. One day, sitting at my desk, I was creating a character when I heard something. I stopped and turned about, but there was no one. I got back to work.

‘Finally!’ I said to myself. ‘Got it finished! Now, let me build his qualities.’

‘Nice character!’ someone whispered.

I stood up from my place and said, ‘who's there?’

‘No need to worry,’ it said, in a cold voice, ‘it's me.’

‘Who are you?’ I asked. ‘Show yourself!’

‘Oh Geoff,’ it said, chuckling, ‘you keep forgetting. It is me, the Joker.’

‘I don't know any joker,’ I said, now searching for the speaker, armed with a blade, ‘are you a thief? I am armed.’

‘Do you remember going to the circus when you were a child?’ the Joker asked.

‘I do remember very well.’ I answered confidently. ‘What do you want?’

‘Patience, m'boy,’ he spoke, ‘do you remember my death behind the circus tent?’

I tried to recall.


I saw myself standing behind the circus tent, holding a joker toy. And suddenly, a real joker appeared, who ran into me. He was covered in blood.

‘Save me!’ he cried. ‘Give me the toy.’

I gave him the toy. He muttered something, gave me the toy and fell on the ground.

‘Hey!’ someone called. 'Stop there!'

Confused and scared, I ran as fast as I could. Luckily, the man was fat, so I was able to escape.


‘Yes, yes,’ I said, ‘I remember, but how do YOU know?’

‘Because,’ he whispered, ‘I am Joker.’

‘Where are you?’ I asked, flinching from everything I bumped into.

‘I am just a memory.’ he answered. ‘You won't find me. And the interesting thing is that I can control your mind. Congratulations! We are crime partners.’

‘I don't know what you are saying,’ I said, gripping the arms of my chair, ‘but you can't control my mind. Where are you? I ain't gonna help you.’

‘Of course I can.’ he said. ‘I am just a memory. And you are gonna help me, Geoff.’

‘No!’ I shouted. ‘You can't—’

But something pricked my mind. It was unbearable! I fell on the floor.

‘Aaaah!’ I shrieked in pain. ‘Stop-stop it!’

‘I told you.’ he said, when I had stabled myself. ‘Now do as I say.’

‘What do you want?’ I asked, getting up.

‘I want you to pick that knife and kill your cat.’ he ordered.

‘No!’ I protested. ‘Not my cat. I won't kill her.’

‘Then suffer!’ he shouted as my brain began to burst with pain.

I couldn't stand it. My brain seared with pain. After a lot of struggle, I gave up. I picked up the knife and brought it near my cat. She was asleep. I can't, I thought to myself.

‘You can!’ Joker encouraged. ‘And you will.’

‘No!’ I screamed. ‘I c-can not!’

But the more I resisted my hand, the closer it went. And SLASH! The knife penetrated into my cat's back. She cried, ran here and there, and finally, her body went limp. I ran towards her to check if she was alive, but it was too late.

‘She's gone!’ I cried, getting up. ‘Why did you do that?’

‘Just wanted to check how swift you are.’ Joker replied. ‘Don't worry, Geoff, you'll get used to it.’

‘Why? Why?’ I said, breaking into tears. ‘Why are you doing this to me?’

‘It is just a matter of time,’ he said, ‘when it is over, I'll leave your mind at your will. Now, go to Mr Jack's and do as I say.’

Having no choice, I headed to Mr Jack. He knew every thing about me.

I knocked on his door, and there stood Mr Jack.

‘Oh, it's you, Geoff!’ he welcomed warmly. ‘Please come in!’
I entered.

‘Tell him to make a cup of coffee.’ Joker whispered to me.

‘Uh…Mr Jack,’ I said, ‘I would like acup of coffee.’

‘Coffee, eh?’ he said smile. ‘I am glad you asked. Wait here.’

‘Now, go to the kitchen after him.’ Joker said.

I followed him.

When I reached the dining table, he commanded, ‘Take that knife and kill him.’

‘No!’ I told him. ‘He is my boss. You can't—’

But he started threatening my mind. And SLASH! The knife cut his throat. I had no control over my hands.

‘No!’ I cried as Mr Jack's body fell with a thump.
I laid his head into my arms and said, ‘it was not my fault, Mr Jack. I am sorry.’

Mr Jack smiled, and his head tilted on the left. Gone! Two murders in a day. I crawled away from the body and bit my fingers.

‘Why did you kill him?’ I asked him, while looking at my bloody hands.

‘He killed me that day,’ he said, laughing, ‘and now, I killed him. It's equal now.’

‘What about me?’ I asked. ‘I'll be caught soon. You've ruined my life.’

‘Don't worry, Geoff,’ he said heartlessly, ‘go and grab his hand.’

I followed.

When I grabbed his hand, the blood started stirring. It was moving in one direction; my hand's. The droplets enveloped my hand. Even the cut the knife had made vanished.

‘Now,’ he ordered, ‘go to the sink and wash your hands.’

I went there and washed my hands. Water carried blood with it.

‘No one would know,’ he said, ‘run home before someone notices.’

I ran home. I couldn't believe what I had done.

‘I will return tomorrow with another task.’ he said. ‘Be ready!’

And then I realised that when he left my mind, I gained complete control over my mind. I phoned my friend and told him the entire story. He had full knowledge about black magic. So, he asked me if there is anything I have relating to Joker. And I told him that I still have the toy joker. I had it the night Joker was killed. He told me to meet at 8 pm at his house.

I reached there. He lit fire and threw the toy in it. He murmured something and sprinkled water in it. There, suddenly, appeared Joker's face.

‘You'll pay for it!’ he warned before becoming a cloud of smoke.

The fire went out.

‘Geoff!’ Henry said. ‘Trust me! He's gone.’

I sighed and said, ‘I wish I could save my boss.’

‘Don't worry,’ he said with belief. ‘Have faith. Go home.’

I went home, and it was 10 pm, when I fell asleep. He came in my dreams.

‘I will come for you!’ Joker said.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2020 Moin Khan Muzammil


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