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Insanity: A Glimpse into a Dark Mind (Fiction) II

Updated on October 21, 2015

As Told by a Rookie Reporter (Part 2)

Lee Bryant is a monster and he has no shame for what he has done. Just being in his cell very nearly suffocated me. His evil is so tangible. If I had stayed in there a little while longer, I probably would have been crushed. My shield kept my safe but barely. I could feel the little tendrils of shadows trying to find an entry into me and possess my soul. That monster is truly a servant of the dark and makes no secret of it.

Next time, I'll create a stronger shield.

Unfortunately, as a reporter, I can't shy away from such creatures. If I am to survive sensationalism, I have to survive interviewing dangerous criminals. I have to take matter how deadly they are. In my case, it was almost fatal for me but that demon didn't get me and I'm not going to let him get me either. He can try all he wants but his darkness can never penetrate my layers of light.

My apartment layout is simple. I come in the doorway, leading straight into the living room and kitchen. The kitchen is half a galley kitchen, if you get my drift, and there's a small hallway that leads to my little bathroom and bedroom. For me, a one-bedroom apartment suits me just fine. I'm a solitary woman who can do whatever the hell she wants, be it casting spells or walking around naked. Admittedly, I do both. One can say I'm involved with witchcraft or the metaphysical. Call it whatever you like, but I like to say I do Wiccan things.

I know, it's the same thing but I like to call it by its proper name. I'm not ashamed to call myself a witch. No, I don't wear a black, pointy, hat or ride a broom. I do keep a broom but I don't ride it. I use it to sweep out whatever negative energy comes in. I always make sure my apartment is clean and free of negative energy. The last time I had such negative energy was when I first moved in to the darn place. The previous renter had something negative attached to them and, as such, I had to sage the place to death. Now, it's perfectly inhabitable.

I guess I have always known that I was a witch. As a child, I always connected with nature and spent my time outside playing, much to my parents' pleasure. I was a tomboy. I always played with frogs, spiders and snakes...every little girl's nightmare. I wasn't afraid of such creatures. My parents didn't really understand this but as long as I got outside and played, they were content. My grandmother, on the other hand, understood me. She gave me a journal so I could write my dreams in. I bought another journal to create my Book of Shadows. As of today, I have two Books of Shadows. That's twelve years worth of spells. I started it when I was eight and I'm twenty now.

"Well, then, I guess I should get started."

I recently cleansed my apartment so I sit down and set to work on getting my notes straightened out. It's a tedious task but oddly fascinating. The fact that I'm looking into a demon's mind is dangerous but too tough to look away. I'm seeing how he thinks--his thought processes--and how he acts. It's like I'm in his shoes. I'm seeing the world through his eyes and it's a frightening experience.

"My god, you're a monster, Lee Bryant."

I'm squirming in my seat but I keep at it until his side of the story is drafted out. His story could easily be five chapters long. That's how many pages that I wrote out. However...It's never completed until I get the full story from my key players and the ex-wife is the next key player that I need to interview. Since she has trails everywhere in the United States, I'm going to start from the beginning and go back to the when she got married to a devil.

"Annie, your story will be told."

Annika Bryant, now known as Annie Blake, lives on the other side of the country. Her courage to run away from the demon from Hell needs to be shared with the world. It would give hope to other victims that are trapped in abusive relationships. It's just not women that are victims. Men can be abused as well and I want to share Annie's story with everyone and I intend to do that by following every last footstep she has taken over the country.


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