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Insanity: A Glimpse into a Dark Mind (Fiction) IV

Updated on October 22, 2015

As Told by a Rookie Reporter (Part 4)

I arrive at the empty lot where Annie staged her death. The empty lot used to have a big vacation house on it. Lee Bryant had purchased it as a getaway spot, according to reports I read, but I suspect he used this secluded area to beat on poor Annie. It certainly wouldn't surprise me. The reports said that the couple spent a month on their honeymoon before returning to high society. The time away from the world would definitely give Lee the opportunity to terrorize his new bride and allow her to heal before terrorizing her again.

"Let's see how much of a story I can get out of this place."

Observing my surroundings, the place is a paradise. Tall, elegant beach houses lined the sandy coast and the blue sky shines brightly down on beach goers. Of course, appearances can be very deceptive and poor Annie found out the hard way. In my case, I'm doing my investigation under the guise of a beach goer. I have my long, curly hair done in a braid and I've got sunglasses on. I have a simple black bikini (with jean shorts on, I might add) on and I'm set to go.

I'm getting the feel of the land to see if I can pick up any residual energy. I'm surprised that Lee's energy isn't as potent here. Then again, it's clear that the couple didn't go on vacation. When it comes to dominance, the one dominating prefers to be on their home turf in order to have the upper hand and knowing the man, that's how he liked it. Then, of course, fire is a purifying element. It cleansed the area. I'll have to dig around deeper then by connecting with the Earth. The Earth can tell a story and, before long, I get a vision.

I can see a woman, who I take as Annie, tossing lighter fluid and gasoline all over the place. She's not taking any chances and is making sure that her tracks are covered. She doesn't want to be found alive. She's willing to do everything in her power to get out from Lee's grasp, even if it meant faking her death. Poor woman. It's amazing what desperation can do to a person. In Annie's case, it fueled her drive to escape the mad man. It got her courage up. It's a good thing too, because I can see a dark energy threatening to consume her.

This evil is nothing I have ever seen.

I've had my brushes with evil but not as evil as this particular entity. This entity is the same as the one that filled Lee Bryant. The man is a conduit for it and I believe he knows it. Madness can be a tool for the wicked and the damned. The gray-eyed demon in prison had a crafty look on his face. When he spoke to me, he spoke to me in a cool, almost elegant way. His demeanor wasn't that of a madman. His demeanor was that of an eloquent, seductive and deadly man who knew what he wanted. His handsome face hid something evil and supernatural. Personally, I think he is very aware of what he harbors and has no shame of having it.

You've damned yourself, Lee Bryant.

He is using his madness to his advantage. If I didn't know better, I'd say the man is a warlock. I have met male witches, or warlocks, in my time...and most of them had been very unfriendly. Of course, none of my past adversaries compare to the evil creature that sits in solitary confinement.

"Gonna dig in the dirt or go to the beach?" A voice says.

"Playing in the dirt is fun." I reply.

I come face to face to someone who could be a typical beach boy. He has short blonde hair, blue eyes and a tanned, tall, muscular body. However, this guy has a gift and it's clear that he's aware of it; otherwise, he wouldn't be wearing a pentagram as an amulet. He's clearly not ashamed of it either...and it makes me smile.


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