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Insomnia: A Poem

Updated on August 30, 2014

This poem unfortunately does not belong to me, it was written by a good friend of mine. I loved it so much, that I asked if i could put it on here so others might be able to read it as well. So here it is and enjoy!

"It's better never to have met you in my dream than to wake and reach for hands that are not there." - Otomo No Yakamochi

The Author: Taylor D. Graves
The Author: Taylor D. Graves


The sun is setting right before my weary eyes and I miss you.

My shirt is discarded. The wind is gentle on this cliff, it reminds me of your touch.

The moon is rising at my back and I know its going to be a long, long night.

I turn my bike around, its only a short ride home. The Tide is coming in and its clear that I will make my way alone.

My bed is made, not wide, but I still sleep on the right side.

I smell your hair, its spread on my chest.

Your eyes are gleaming, please tell me when did I begin dreaming?

In my mind, a whisper, you know this isn't real its just a glimpse of what you wish that you could feel again. And she says

Smile, don't be afraid.

Smile before I start to fade.

Smile, don't try to hold on.

Smile, you'll soon be all alone.

She says she's cold, I do my best to keep her warm... but I feel the chills on her legs and I see her breath as it leaves her.

I pull her closer. I let her flow through me like a stream, she slows to a trickle. When did i begin this dream?

I kiss her softly. I grab her hand. Tell her I love her, then she turns to sand.

Smile, don't be afraid.

Smile, before I start to fade.

Smile, don’t try to hold on

Smile, now you're alone.

Now you're alone.

There's nothing left to fight, nothing worth fighting for.

It's like this every night.

I go through hell, and sometimes I don't want to come back.


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    • aisha1257 profile image

      aisha1257 7 years ago

      Yea its my favorite one. Unfortunately its not my work, a good friend of mine wrote it. He'll be happy to hear you liked it! Thank you Micky!

    • Micky Dee profile image

      Micky Dee 7 years ago

      No! This is extremely beautiful. This is as good as anything on the hubs. This is poetry beyond years, wisdom, maturity.

    • Micky Dee profile image

      Micky Dee 7 years ago