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Be Happy!

Updated on March 19, 2011

Becoming Inspired

Just for a second, picture yourself doing whatever you've always dreamed of for a good 10 seconds. Now snap back to reality. You realize that nothing has really changed. But things can change, as long as you put your mind to it. I'm sure everyone has heard this kind of story before but this really does help. If you focus long enough on something, you can succeed at whatever you may want. Don't let anything get in your way. Whenever you feel like you won't make whatever your goal is, just take a couple deep breaths and tell yourself that you can do it.

When you wake up in the morning every day, do you feel happy, or do you moan and groan because you are tired and want to go back to bed or you don't want to have to go to work in an hour? Just think about how lucky you really are. You have a home, a bed under your body, plenty of food, you aren't sick, and aren't going to die anytime soon. Take a couple deep breaths and consider this. Your suffering is very minimal compared to the suffering of a lot of other people in the world. Hundreds of people starve every day. You are not one of them. Be happy that you don't have cancer, or any other disease. Now waking up in the morning isn't that bad is it?

Now Focus on that dream.

What is your dream? Do you want to play in a band? Write that best selling novel you've always wanted to write? Now work on improving your chances at succeeding in that dream. For example here I will use the band reference.

So, you want to play in a band. What you should first do is tell yourself, "what use will I be to this?" If you are a great singer, guitar player, pianist, etc. Just let yourself know that you can succeed. So you get your guitar out and you realize, "hey!, I'm actually pretty good at this!". Now you have confidence. With confidence on your side, you're hard to beat. You're always happy as long as you have it. So now you need to find band members. You put up flyers and wait for someone to call you with interest in your band. On the second day someone calls and says they are a great singer. You ask them to meet you somewhere (it doesn't really matter, since it's just a story) and the person really is a good singer. You ask him or her if they know any good drummers or pianists. They say they know a good drummer. Now all you need is one more person. You put up new flyers specifically looking for a pianist, and you get a call the next day. Now your band is formed and your life dream is accomplished. You play small gigs all over your towns local clubs/bars and have a great time. All because you stayed focused, no matter what came in your way.

Keep up the good work.

Just because you've been happy for a month, doesn't mean you need to stop just because you think this will work forever. You need to keep up with your interests and always keep somewhat busy. A thinking mind is a happy mind.

Try to let me know in the comments if you enjoyed this article, I'm not used to writing about things like this so I could use some sort of feedback.

Thanks a lot for reading!


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    • moorebored profile image

      moorebored 6 years ago from Wisconsin

      I don't play guitar as much as my piano!

    • 6 String Veteran profile image

      6 String Veteran 6 years ago

      There was a hit song years ago called Don't Worry, Be Happy. Thankfully, your Hub goes much deeper than that song did. Positivity + Realism = good life-navigation.

      Btw, it's 12:16 AM...did you strum a guitar today? Understandable if u don't have 1. But then you could possibly go to the nearest music store tomorrow or if it's really far wait for the weekend...


    • moorebored profile image

      moorebored 6 years ago from Wisconsin

      Thanks for the feedback!

    • profile image

      Helpful Hanna 6 years ago

      Being positive is the key. Great hub!

    • moorebored profile image

      moorebored 6 years ago from Wisconsin

      Thanks for commenting guys! I appreciate the positive feedback!

    • stefancando profile image

      stefancando 6 years ago from Iasi

      I vote this up because it is positive! The whole world needs more positivity and maybe all of us here on hubpages should write more happy, inspiring stuff!

    • Brinafr3sh profile image

      Brinafr3sh 6 years ago from West Coast, United States

      Thanks, that exercise was cool. It does all start in the mind first. Then action applied to are dreams can be a reality.