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Inspiration from a "Midlife Lightning Strike." by Annie4 a fellow hubber

Updated on January 22, 2010

They say love is eternal

but many men and women

would beg to differ...

and yet I have witnessed

an eighty year old couple

that shared a nursing home room

and often had conjugal visits

in any way their inflictions allowed.

Love is a state of mind, body and soul,

and there are many who crave it,

one just has to be available

as a shoulder to cry on,

an arm to comfort,

a voice in the wee hours of the mourn

when loneliness plagues

the heartastrings in a sad song.

I guess I want that last kiss,

that hand to hold when I

breath my final breath,

those three words whispered

in my fading hearing as the

lights go off forever.

Just a simple I love you...

the greatest, shortest worded poem

ever uttered or written.

So keep the faith no matter

what fate assails you with.

If all else fails there is

always the other side of life

where all of the great lovers

from centuries past await

your grand and eternal

youthful entrance

to unlimited love.

Just another over

40 voice in the cacophony

of billions...



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