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Inspirational Christian Romances

Updated on June 1, 2009

When Being a Christian Means Not Being Limited to Reading the Bible or Self-Helps

I've been a lifelong advocate of books. Anything I can get my hands on, I've read. I developed a love for the dramatic at an early age, primarily through romances, adventure, and mysteries. Eventually I branched out to the classics, teen sagas, and some fantasy stories revolving around medieval times or wizards and witches (in good taste). One day I questioned what I read, because I wondered if it conflicted with my spirituality. As a Christian, I wondered about my interest in ghosts, horror, and romance. What was ok? At that same time, I grew in my spirtuality, and there for a while I read a lot of mysteries.

Then I found out about Janette Oke, and scoured the library for what I could get my hands on! That opened up a new area to me, one where it spoke of people who lived as I do, but had normal everyday things happen to them. I read her books for years because of this.

About 10 years ago, I joined the Love Inspired series book club, where I would get 3 books a month from inspirational romance authors who were similar to Ms. Oke, but more for young adults and adults. I was hooked! For 4 or 5 years I kept up that book habit, and learned about all the famous authors in the field. It was wonderful to have even more authors to seek out at the library.

Since then, I've discovered historical inspirational romance, inspirational suspence and romance, and even medical inspirational romance. When you think about it, Christians are in every field, so why not have all those categories? It has been a new area, from what I understand, and every other person I know likes such books.

Yet another area I discovered was Christian Chick-Lit, last year. Worded in a quirky first-person narrative, the stories are are otherwise similar to the inspirational romances. But I have found they address some taboo topics more in-depth than are explained in the inspirationals. I love it! It is truly great to have so many options, and who knows--I could be one of the next big authors in the field. There are so many controversial books out there that have no lasting value, that it is nice to have something you can share with your girlfriends at church or coworkers without being labeled negatively. What I like the best about these types of books is that you are left with a positive way of solving something in a spiritual light, rather than following your own instincts and have it chalked up to another victim of society.


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