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Inspirational Voices

Updated on September 19, 2014


To fill (someone) with the urge or ability to do or feel something, especially to do something creative.

Many like to think the key to happiness is finding and living an inspired life. The thought being, if I can find something to love. I will love doing it and thus be happy. This sounds fairly reasonable except, two things, people and monotony.

People by nature, especially interactively, are unpredictable. This lends itself to varying results. And though the dread of monotony can kill passion more than anything. some like to avoid people as a means of finding inspiration. However, without the change of people your passion can become either mind-bending or boring.

With this foundation, I believe, the key to passion is the pursuit.

You want to feel inspired. Remember what you went through to accomplish. And don't be afraid to share it with others.

Bread For Adversity ISBN 9781496153029
Bread For Adversity ISBN 9781496153029 | Source

Fuel for Faith

Written by Richard L. Toney

Bread for Adversity Offers: Discover a new fuel for facing adversity and overcoming difficult challenges in life.

Why pretend you've not eaten the meal when every thought is full of being fed up. It may seem tempting to find comfort in the illusion but what's before you. You can face it and win with the fuel you've gained in dealing with yesterday today.

Accomplishments fuel faith and integrity.

The Author and Reader

A Common expression is.

Writing is an art of Passion, Reading is a search for Escape

Many engage in the written word both to be heard and actually provide an instrument to inspire the change, an escape.

Providing this inspiration is a wonderful gift to be discovered. However sometimes it's difficult to find something when people don't know it exists. A most popular way to remedy this and also find inspiration is the reading circle or book club. A few friends that gather in a cozy place in front of a good book... It's an interesting way to connect with deep and inspiring thoughts. These connections can help not only brighten a troubled day. They also serve to stimulate creativity in difficult situations.

The reading group or book club can provide authors and readers a means to find one another. This helps each to share his/her message and grow the ears hearing the words being shared.

Growing Together

People, especially difficult people, can make you miss the joy of doing what you like to do if you focus on them. Specifically their reaction. This doesn’t mean that praise is not desired for completing a good job. But personal praise is not the fuel you need to do more or better. It is a fuel that works, I will admit. But it limits your ability to grow when all your focus is on people.

A similar thing happens you focus simply on the job. You might provide the best service but if the people don’t like you. There comes a point when what else can you do to it to make it better? This feeling can quickly delve into monotony or that droning feeling some express. Today, though, you can change that.

Fuel your tomorrow today

Here are some inspirational reads, gathered for you, to help you find that happier, inspired; you. That beautiful spirit that currently rests inside God's earthen vessel.

These selections and the authors that produced them have provided soulful meaningful words to impact both writing this journal and the thoughts that fuel my faith

Dear Adversity
Dear Adversity
Dear Adversity, I write to you not to introduce myself, for you know me very well. You have shown up at my home uninvited and unwelcome...You have tunneled through my emotions, leaving them raw and dissected...leaving me feeling like a victim of circumstance. I write to you today to proclaim freedom!
Jesus Calling, Padded Hardcover, with Scripture References: Enjoying Peace in His Presence (A 365-Day Devotional)
Jesus Calling, Padded Hardcover, with Scripture References: Enjoying Peace in His Presence (A 365-Day Devotional)
Uniquely inspired treasures from heaven for every day of the year by missionary Sarah Young. Jesus Calling is a devotional filled with uniquely inspired treasures from heaven for every day of the year.

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