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Into the Wild "TO" Wander final chapter

Updated on September 17, 2012

Joel and Karen stepped out of the cover they were under. The morning had begun as the rain slowed o nearly a stop. The clouds were lying low, nearly touching the ground. It was just enough cover for the kids that had made it safely over the cliff. Joel could hear Trevor cursing as the kids screamed. He and Karen listened to each word spoken.

"If I don't see one of the four kids, I am going to just start shooting anyone! That blood will be on your shoulder, Joel!!" Trevor pulled the kids closer to the mountains edge. "Those chicken kids of yours ran off and left their buddies behind! Nice raising you did, ladies and gentlemen. It's o.k., I have lots of kids to choose from!"

"You don't need to do this Trevor!"

"Yes Joel... I do. I am just going to grab the first one in line and oh look, it's Lindsay Connors." Her screams could be heard throughout the area they were in. "She seems a little distressed right now! Shall I send her to you dead or should we wait and see if the fall kills her? What do you think, Mark?"

Panic gripped Joel and Karen as they heard Mark's name called out. How could he answer Trevor if he wasn't there? Had any of the kids escaped and where were Karla and Mark? So many thoughts raced through Joel's head but none so huge as how he was going to answer for Mark.

"I better hear an answer soon from someone down there!"

"He went to the car to get me food. I need sweets or I am going to pass out!"

"If he isn't back in 5 minutes, there are some kids that won't need to worry about sweets, ever again."

Joel's phone lit up. He quickly read the text. "Karen, keeps his attention. They are going to try and ambush him. They got half the kids off the cliff."

"Trevor, why not let one of us or even all of us trade ourselves for the kids? We would be right with you and you could watch us transfer the money."

There was a silence at first. Karen was going to call out to him again when she heard his voice.

"That's not a bad idea. I will think about it and let you know!"


Karla waited to hear Trevor go to the side and talk to Joel and Karen. She motioned for Mark to follow her. The was just enough shadow and fog to keep them out of site for now. As she neared the kids, she saw Stacey look at her. Stacey's eyes widened as she looked at Karla. Karla put her fingers to her lips. She mouthed to Stacey, asking where Trevor was. Stacey pointed to the ledge to her side. Karla spotted him, standing with his back to her, the rifle in one hand and one of the girls held tight by his other hand. Mark saw him too as he drew closer. The kids began to move a little when they saw Karla and Mark again. Mark slowly drew his gun out of his pocket. Slipping behind a small stand of trees, he and Karla stood for the first time in what seemed like forever.

"I think I might have to keep the kids! They are still my safe passage out of here! I am going to send you one down simply to remind you of the importance of doing what I say. I don't care how many have escaped, I want two hundred thousand dollars! Start the transfer now!"

As Mark approached Trevor from behind, Karla began freeing more kids. Mark moved to the side of Trevor where the rifle was. He raised his gun to take aim. Suddenly, Rachel appeared out of no-where. She screamed when she saw Mark causing Trevor to spin around. Seeing Mark, he raised his rifle to shoot. Rachel stepped in between them.

"No, no more killing!!! It has to stop now!" Her screams came as triggers were being squeezed. Her body jerked to one side and then was pushed back by two bullets ripping through her. She looked at both men as she fell to her knees. "This is what we get for wanting more. I love you, Trevor... for loving me this much." Her body crumpled to the ground, water exploding underneath her. One side of her face was submerged in mud and rain water.

Trevor stared into the open eyes of the woman he loved enough to kill for. Tears ran down his cheek as he slowly looked up at Mark. He stared for a moment as he watched the last of the kids disappear over the edge of the cliff. Mark saw the sudden change in his eyes. He drew his gun up again as Trevor fired off a shot. The bullet ripped through Mark's shoulder. It hit so hard that Mark tossed the gun behind him. Karla ran over to where it had fallen and grabbed it. Trevor looked down at her as she slid into the mud on her belly.

"You are all going to die, now! I have no need of the money and I don't care if I die! My reason for it all is laying there in the mud, dead! Damn you... damn you all!!!!"

He pulled the trigger, the bullet barely missing Mark's head. He shot again quickly. Suddenly, he felt the first bullet strike him in the stomach. Looking down at the ground, he saw Karla, laying on her back, the gun above her head, pull the trigger again. The second and third bullets pierced his chest and shoulder. Karla's next shots hit nothing. It mattered very little now. Trevor layed dead, twenty feet away from where she was.

Karla looked at the pool of water forming around her body. The dark red coloring told her why she felt such a sting in her leg. One of Trevor's bullets had found it's way to her leg. It wasn't a bad wound and she would not die from it. She went to Mark and put pressure on his shoulder. She called out to Joel and Karen.

"It is all done up here. They are both dead! We need medical assistance right away, Joel!"

After calling for help and calling the Rangers, Joel and Karen made their way to where Mark and Karla were. The kids had gathered in one spot at the bottom of the mountain. The sirens could be heard all over the Park as the authorities began to arrive. Those that had died were covered and mourned for.

Joel sat on the tail-gate of his vehicle and reflect back on the past few days. How had a seemingly calm, end of the day recording on his machine turned their lives into a living nightmare? He would never look at his answering machine the same way again. In fact, he thought maybe he might just get rid of the one he had. That might be exactly what he would do.


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    • Dday50627 profile image

      Darrel Day 5 years ago from Iowa

      Becky, I thank you from my heart for always reading these. I don't know how many others do but your words are an encouragement that I truly need and look forward to. thank you always for being here. Darrel

    • Becky Katz profile image

      Becky Katz 5 years ago from Hereford, AZ

      This was a wonderful ending to this story. I am impressed with your story telling ability.