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Into the Wild "TO" Wander part 6

Updated on September 15, 2012

Karla could feel the pounding of her heart as she pressed herself tighter to the ground. The tip of Trevor's boots nearly touched her nose as she glanced upward for a moment. She was so afraid he might actually hear her heart beating against the soaking soil. She could see the outline of the rifle in his hand. The rain poured harder now and she prayed the sound of the water hitting the ground would muffle any noises she might make. As she lowered her face to the ground again, she discovered the water had risen. It had no where to go as it flowed from the cliff. Her body was acting like a damn, stopping the water from flowing over the side of the cliff's edge.

"Sir..." came a small voice in the darkness. Trevor turned around to face the sound. His foot kicked out as he spun himself around. Karla felt the sting of his boot on her cheek. She pulled back a little and turned her face away. She had to hold her breath so she didn't cry out. This man would not give second thoughts to killing her or any of the kids.

"What do you want, girl?"

"I need to go to the bathroom?"

Karla recognized the voice as Shayna Morris, one of the seventeen year olds from the youth group. She had been to Karla's house many times to help her and Amanda with projects. She knew that Shayna had only called out to save Karla from being discovered.

"You are sitting in 3 inches of water, girl. Do you think I am going to take the time to untie you so you can pee!?!?" The anger in his voice scared Karla. She wanted to call out to turn his attention but she knew that would only make things worse.

"I have tried, Sir, and it just won't happen for me."

Trevor walked away from Karla. She let out a breath and turned her head away from the puddle that had formed. She felt a cough in her throat and pushed her face back in to the water to stifle the sound. Trevor's voice she hoped would drown out any sounds she made now.

"If it won't come then you don't have to go too bad. Sit there and shut up! I need to think without interruptions."

Shayna went silent as she looked over at Karla. She held a thumb up, hoping Karla could see it. Karla raised her thumb in like and smiled. She felt a tug on her leg. Looking back, she could see Mark raising himself on to the cliff. He laid flat next to Karla, speaking to her in a very low sound. "Can we get to the ids from here without being seen?"

"We need a diversion of some sort if we are going to pull this off. Lowering the kids one by one is going to take time."

"I will text Joel and tell him what we are doing. He will figure something out." Mark sent the text, hiding the light from view. He turned the volume off and waited for an answer. Ten minutes passed and no response. As Mark was getting ready to send another text, a voice resounded all around him.

"We have a problem down here, Trevor! The phone we have got soaked. We need to figure out a way to call so we can transfer the money when you are ready!"

Trevor appeared at the edge. His voice was one Joel was trying not to bring forward.

"I don't know what kind of game you are playing with me, but it is going to save you some money, Again!"

"It's not a game, damn you! I am trying to keep you informed so we don't face this when everything is ready!" Joel saw the second figure beside Trevor. He wanted so badly to tell him the phone was working again. He knew he needed to buy time for Karla and Mark.

"This is Stacey you see standing with me. I am going to kill her if you can't make your phone work! I am out of patience with this whole thing!"

The sound of the shot rang out and echoed as if five shots had been fired off. Joel and Karen watched. expecting to see Stacey's body fall to the foot of the mountain. Nothing happened. As the noise died down, they could hear laughter.

"Scared the hell out of you, didn't it, Joel!?!? I Like that!"


Karla crawled to the kids, shushing them as she did. Mark pulled out a knife and began cutting the ropes. "Stayed bundled tight so it doesn't look like anyone is missing. One at a time go top Karla. She will lower you to the bottom. When you get there, get under some cover and do Not run. We need it silent down there."

One by one the kids crawled to the cliffs edge. Karla wrapped the ropes around their waists and lowered them as quietly as she could. She listened for Trevor to make noise, knowing as long as he was busy, they were safe.

"Trevor, I understand you wanted better for yourself, but to kill the kids is beyond that!"

"Oh, you want to analyze me now, Karen? Funny, I didn't exist to you people other than a babysitter for your rich kids! Now you want to know what makes me tick?!" A shot rang out again, this time aimed down towards Karen and Joel. Another one came right behind it. "I should just shoot them all and then come down and shoot you!"

"Why not just let the kids go? We can give you and Rachel enough money to go somewhere nice and new!"

"Somewhere nice and new, huh? So what then, Karen... so you can call the police and they can put our faces all over the news?!'

"We wouldn't do that, Trevor. We just want the kids safe; nothing more than that."

"I need more assurance than your words. And you need to see a kid fall to prove I am serious!"

Twelve kids had slid down the mountain while Karen and Joel kept Trevor occupied. The rain was beginning to slow down. Only half the kids were down. It was enough that Trevor would now see some were missing if he looked back. Karla and Mark slid down into a small culvert where they would not be seen. Better for the kids if Trevor thought they had escaped rather than had help.

Trevor turned towards the kids. His face said everything and those that were left saw the anger in his eyes. "What the hell is going on?!?!?!?!?" He grabbed the rope and started dragging the kids towards him. Some tried to pull away from him but he wasn't letting go of the ropes. He pulled and tied the end to a dead-fall. "Someone is going to die tonight?!?!?!? " Running to the cliffs edge, he could not see anything in the darkness. Filling the rifle and the pistol with a round, he waved the handgun in the air. He ran to the side where Karen and Joel were. Firing off three rounds, Trevor looked down below.

"Say goodbye to Mandi and Lance, boys and girls. They will be followed by Lisa and Brett straight away! Get out here so you can watch them die, damn you. I want you to watch them die!!!!!!"


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    • Dday50627 profile image

      Darrel Day 5 years ago from Iowa

      A great idea but i think the ending might have needed a bit more to finish it all. Thank you for reading this, Becky. Always.

    • Becky Katz profile image

      Becky Katz 5 years ago from Hereford, AZ

      The man is definitely losing it. Too bad she is so small, when he was laying there with his foot in her face, she could have lifted it and knowcked him on his bottom. Mark could have.