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Invisible Touch

Updated on May 6, 2017

There are different types of touch

Most can be seen and watch

But the truly incredible kind of touch

Is never seen but is felt so much

But don’t be scared this is not that creepy

Invisible touch that I’m talking about are lovely

It is the touch that others do to you

The touch that can stop you feeling blue

The people who can do this to you

Are not the persons with extraordinary abilities too

They are the ones you consider special

One that can prevent every moment from being dull

They can touch our lives with words and actions

In living, they are one of our reasons

They give us strength in times of weakness

They provide us with smiles in times of sadness

The touch to the heart is the most amazing thing

The touch which is felt but cannot be seen

The one that only the person you treasure can do

The one that can totally move you

Love is an example of this magical touch

One that is above all and can never be matched

Love that protects a newborn from any harm

Love that looks upon a person’s heart and not just charm

The greatest touch all of us felt

Is God’s love which caused the walls of doubt to melt

Love that forgive us all of the sins we have

One that could never get mad

Do not be scared of this invisible touch

It will not harm you, not even a scratch

A touch that is never seen but is felt greatly

A touch that will eradicated everything that hurt you badly


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    • Maryam Rehman profile image

      Maryam Rehman 11 months ago from Pakistan


      You're Welocme :) Continue the good work

    • Missing Wanderer profile image

      Arjay 11 months ago from Philippines

      Thank you Maryam and ThreeKeys. Glad you liked the message and appreciated my poem. :)

    • threekeys profile image

      Threekeys 11 months ago from Australia

      When a person touches our heart an invisble yet real imprint can be left with us forever. Yes an invisible touch is nothing to be feared

    • Maryam Rehman profile image

      Maryam Rehman 11 months ago from Pakistan

      NIce poem! Coveys a Healthy message!

      Welcome to Hubpages and Happy Hubbing to you