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Irene the commuter

Updated on March 25, 2016

Train gently screams while people weeps inside. Nobody wants to speak while their brain melts as every station talks to passangers asking the time.

Your mind wonder while waiting, how does the wheel keeps on turning while people inside the train stands still.
People of all generations unite, laughter,anger,impatience and hunger talks to the soul of this scrambled race.

As I sat and write this, I long to hold a pen and a paper but I only have a phone which doesnt talk like a pen... much better if I have a pencil that has a heart. I want to hear people talking rather than ipod and mp3 playing. I see fathers,mothers and children eagerly wait, thinking its a waste of time but the reality is there is never a wasted time... the only thing wasted are thoughts left unsaid.

God... I pray for patience as I see the sun sets and please dont let these people transform into beast just to get in this can train which I now call a giant can of talking sardines.


Buendia station
Philippine National Railway
February 22 2016
6:00 pm


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