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Is Kratos Actually A Demigod?

Updated on June 26, 2017

Kratos in The God of War series has become well known for his love of women, killing random people and the occasional free falling. He is a Spartan General and King of Sparta, God of War and since the new game is coming out he is also a father, well of another kid.

Today I want to talk about him and his strengths however, here we go.

Kratos is a demigod and a demigod is the offspring of a god mating with a mortal. Since he is a demigod he was born with some enhanced abilities, greater strength and endurance, somewhat of something you would expect a god to have.

However, he is not a full god, but he is somehow able to take on powerful deities like they are nothing but a bunch of wee babies. No doubt however that Kratos is a skilled warrior, he did come from a nation well known for their talented warriors and military. But Gods come from a whole other level.

Many of the gods can reshape the world as they see fit, several can destroy massive areas of land such as Poseidon who can simply conjure up large waves of water to destroy lands. Many of the gods are powerful, able to break mountains with their hands and everything. They are gods.

Take a look at the gods in Percy Jackson, they are beings no one would really want to mess with unless their power rivals the gods. But somehow Kratos is able to simply toss them aside like ragdolls.

The fight with Poseidon shows Kratos facing off against the god of the sea but the god is in a large avatar made out of stone and water, while Kratos does have a bit of help from Gaia the spartan is still able to simply annihilate the god with ease. It is like Poseidon had no training in battle whatsoever, that he could only fight when in his own area.

The battle with Hercules who while is a demigod himself is known for his immense physical strength. Hercules has bested many monsters such as the Nemean Lion, The Hydra and was even able to wrestle Cerberus out from the Underworld. Yet even Hercules was out muscled by the Spartan.

Many of the gods seem to come off more as super power humans rather than all powerful gods, the only beings known to really put up a fight to them in mythology is Typhos and The Kraken, if not just scare them a bit.

Yet Kratos is able to simply knock them aside which makes me believe he has just as much power as a god, he was able to out muscle the titan Cronos who was trying to crush him between his fingers. If you don't know in the game Cronos is as big as a mountain if not bigger, you even fight smaller enemies on the giants body for christ's sake.

The thing is demigods have not ever really been shown to be able to out muscle gods, perhaps trick them or outsmart them yes but Kratos prefers the whole kill first ask questions later path.

I believe that whatever gods inhabit the world of God of War might actually be much weaker then in any form of media or literature, many can be beaten quite easily such as Hades when you manage to take his weapon and steal his soul. Poseidon is only hard to beat when he is in the avatar and even then it isn't that hard, Hermes and Zeus get destroyed rather easily as well. As I said before it seems more like they are simple humans with powers.

In any case I believe Kratos is more then just a demigod. In the first game when opening Pandora's Box he gains a power up to defeat Ares, perhaps that is what helps him defeat the other gods as well. I just find it hard to believe that a bunch of all powerful gods can be defeated by one man, sure he has some pretty cool weapons and items but that shouldn't matter much when your getting crushed by a giant Titans two fingers.

In any case I hope you enjoyed this, if you have any thoughts about the matter please comment below.


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