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The Horrific Use and Misuse of Mind Control

Updated on September 6, 2018
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Jillian is a freelance writer who seeks to learn more about the external world while she analyzes abstract ideas.

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Exploring Mind Control

Mind Control and Human Behavior

Definition of Mind: The element of a person that enables them to be aware of the world and their experiences and to think, feel and perceive.

Definition of Control: The power to influence a person's behavior. To have power over or direct influence (Merriam-Webster, 2018).

Humans Are Curious Beings

As human beings, we are quite inquisitive creatures who continue to observe, learn, and expand in our knowledge to do great things. Although some scientific studies and experiments may seem absolutely necessary for our advancement, we still need to be mindful of how to utilize these tactics to our best ability. The integrity of each "experimenter," mind controller, or brainwasher needs to be further questioned to the extent of these controversial experimental techniques, especially if it continues to affect the well-being and health of those who are unwilling participants.

Mind Control Experiments

Mind control experiments have been around for many years. This form of manipulation is known to have been around since the late 1940's (that we are currently aware of at this time). Programs such as MKUltra and project BLUEBIRD, ARTICHOKE etc., have led to a number of questions regarding the use and misuse of mind control tactics in America.

Who is at risk and what are the Motives behind Mind Control?

The answer to the above question is difficult to fully answer due to the method of how mind control has already been implemented in our society and how each person views mind-control differently, however, one fact is for certain: Mind-control exists. We've all seen some form of subliminal content at one place or another used in movies, songs, and the media. However, some people may view this as acceptable, whereas, others may view these tactics as sneaky and manipulative.

Subliminal Messages and the Subconscious Mind

Many other types of mind-control can take place without consciously being aware of it. The subconscious is particularly hard to know when it is being manipulated or when it receives information. For instance, subliminal content can be in the background of a show that your subconscious automatically receives that information without you being consciously aware of it. There is no doubt that some advertisements, logos, songs, and images contain subliminal content. A subliminal message is a message designed to pass below the threshold of sensation or consciousness and the normal limits (liminal) of perception.

Mind-control has been a highly debatable topic

As time continues to move forward, so do our scientists and psychiatrists with learning how the brain and mind function to better understand how to minimize undesirable habits and behaviors. Naturally, as we progress, we are going to be curious and willing to explore many aspects of mind-control as well as experimenting with new ways to advance, which may open a Pandora's Box of slippery slopes of potentially sinister ideas if ethics are not considered into the equation. How will anyone be held accountable for the misuse of mind control technology, especially if we are not informed about who has the authority to use it and why?

Hidden Agendas, Mind-Control Techniques, and Manipulation

Certain types of mind control techniques can have severe consequences for those who are being manipulated, especially if an individual is unaware of being an unintentional mind controlled victim. When a perpetrator uses an undetectable form of manipulation over another human being, there's no telling how far that person will go to gain control over someone else. It's a fact that the human mind is not 100 percent flawless or infallible.

Where do we Draw the Line of Boundaries?

Mind-control tactics are used in various degrees from external influences such as the media and marketing outlets to the downright cruel and insidious use of advanced technology such as electromagnetic frequencies and nano-implants. Although some people may view these forms of technology as highly controversial, and may even opt to simply downplay it all, one fact remains evident and cannot be denounced is that mind-control tactics have been used on unwitting people in the past before and it can always be used again, especially as our world continues to change along with our technologies, ideas, and humanitarian rights.

How Mind-Control Tactics can Create Mass Confusion

Techniques such as misinformation and disinformation campaigns can be used to confuse the majority of the population, even when those who claim they are unable to be manipulated are susceptible to manipulation and deception just as anyone else is. For instance, providing knowledge or information in half-truths can also distort a person's perception into believing only fragments and pieces of information without knowing vital knowledge to form a well-informed decision.

Moreover, you can only make use of the information you are given and formulate your response the best that you can with what information you have available. As a result, we need to ensure that we are safe and aware of these sinister forms of manipulation as it may cause undesirable outcomes and devasting consequences to the future of humanity.

The Future of Society

We've already lost our privacy living in a surveillance society. For instance, smart tv.s, phones, cars, and computers have tracking devices and cameras. "If you don't mind, it doesn't matter." Did you know that the police department can legally use drones to look in your home without a warrant in the state of California? Is this the future of our country and where we are headed? What's next...arresting people for thinking? I know that's a stretch, but I believe we are curious to know: What's going to be the next step?

Always Seek Questions and Question Your Sources


Mind Control Procedures

Psychic driving--A study that was conducted in the 1950's and 1960's that involved continuous repeated audio messages to its patients to alter behavior (aka tape loops). Patients were also exposed to a vast number of repetitions of a single statement used throughout the course of their "treatment." Additionally, patients were administered various paralytic drugs.

Electroconvulsive therapy, depatterning, and the use of psychedelic drugs were also used on patients during this time.


  1. Your brain controls your mind, which operates using the chemical reactions and patterns that constantly fire inside our brains.
  2. The brain contains approximately 86 billion neurons also called gray matter (though, the exact number of neurons is not known for certain).
  3. The average brain can generate roughly up to 50,000 thoughts per day.
  4. What sets humans apart from animals is not by the size of the brain, but in how the human brain contains a larger cerebral cortex which is divided into two hemispheres.
  5. The brain is flexible also known as neuroplasticity. Neuroplasticity allows the brain to adapt and change (, 2017). Neural connections can grow depending on what you learn.

Mind Control Experiments

German physicists Gustav Fritsch and Eduard Hitzig applied electrical stimulation to different parts of a dog’s cortex, from which they discovered that they could make diverse parts of the dog’s body move (lib.umn).

The Mind is A Terrible Thing to Waste

What do you value and why?

Humans have different values and different motivations for each one. However, we all have our own internal value-based system that helps guide us to make "logical" decisions. Some people value conformity and others value individuality. The types of values we have can impact how we behave and make decisions. In spite of this, people need to be aware of what they value so that they do not lose sight of who they are and what they believe.

Unfortunately, having a false sense of needs can be a form of a value system disorder. Humans depend on their values to help guide them, develop character and to promote peace and harmony in society. However, what if your values are misguided or mislead by other people? How do you really know what your values are if you have been conditioned from birth to desire certain things in life?

We make many decisions daily that include our conscious and subconscious thoughts. Clearly, we need to take a step back and observe what we truly value in our lives. Of course, you can fool yourself into justifying unnecessary purchases or desires, or maybe you will wake up one day and think differently.



Clearly, mind-control exists and can be seen in many facets of society today. However, there remains a certain amount of secrecy about what types of mind-control technology exists such as nanotechnology, electromagnetic frequencies, and voice to skull technologies. I'm fairly certain this is only the tip of the iceberg about what types of mind control technology is available in the United States.

Many forms of technology are either in process, patented, or even experimented with on people. Mind control is a real capability and is a dangerous "tool" or weapon that can be misused by people against other people. As technology continues to advance, we need to seek more answers to these various forms of potentially harmful technologies before we get conditioned to accept these atrocities as normal everyday occurrences.

© 2018 Jillian


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