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Is There Any other Possible Way??

Updated on February 27, 2010

Love her as if
there'll never, ever

be another kiss,
what could possibly

be wrong with a hunger

such as this?


sweet goodbyes,
no bitter words
should slam the door,
many took this exit
then were lost


Save your rage

for politics,
and the stupid

stuff folks do,
so many things

deserve it more
then someone

who loves you.

Linger in each

other's arms,
sweet shelter

treasured by,
so many men

whose empty arms,
embraced Iraqi sky....

sighing her name
as they die.

Call each

other often,
take a minute

just to say,
I love you, hon,
I'm thinking of
and missing you today.

Corrie's husband

called her,
on an ordinary day.
While having

trouble breathing,
and he just felt

he should say,
he  might not

make it out of there,
but wanted her to know,
he loved her

oh, so very much,
then the Towers

both let go.

Love as if your

never coming,
back to taste again,
the heady wine

of love so fine,
when her sweet

lips descend.

There are a few 

that I once knew,
I'd gladly

give my all,
to feel their arms

around me,
share their kiss,

or take their call.

Fate waits within

the shadows,
even perfect

loves despair,
one moment

bliss and paradise,
the next, your

love's not there.

So spend some

extra minutes,
savor each and

every touch,
in the long view

love is fleeting,
we seldom

get that much.

Though love

will last forever,
what's flesh will

pass someday
love like

there's no tomorrow
is there any other way?


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~©-MFB III

Author notes

The poem is about the right way to love, so many people take it for granted until they find the one they love under a granite stone. love should be uncompromising, even agreeing to disagree just to keep the peace of a good relationship intact. It is not easy to love as if you were spending your last day with your dearest, but it is the most perfect way to keep them a long long time. that is why I wrote this, to give examples to those who are at present falling out of love. there is always time to salvage what was once good, if there was no infidelity involved, and even that has been overcome by renewed love.


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    • ladyjane1 profile image

      ladyjane1 7 years ago from Texas

      Love the poem and you are so right about not giving up on your love. Nice job.

    • profile image

      poetlorraine 7 years ago

      thanks for the advice, great verse