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Is This I?

Updated on December 20, 2012

This was an early attempt at a sestina from back in high school so it does not follow succinctly with a sestina poem but it is in that general format. It is based on the book Crime and Punishment.

Who am I?
I know that Raskolnikov be my name,
But I don't know?
Am I even in reality as I speak,
Or is this all in my mind?
This is madness!

Yes, this is all madness!
It must all be in my mind
Because they will never find the name
They will never know
That it was I
The name they will never speak

Porfory will not break my mind
He will never make me speak
He will never know
He will place blame on my illness, for my madness!
Never will he speak the murderer's name
Never will he know that it was I

Wait is there light, this love, that Sonya has shown I
Even though she knows the murderer's name
And of Lazarus I made her speak,
I have brought her into my madness!
And even then Sonya pities me, although she does know
How wrong I am in the mind

Although not as wrong as Svidrigalov is in the mind!
Speaking as if we are two of the same, what madness!
He is a louse! That much I know
Oh how does he speak
About ghostly visits that wouldn't frighten I
Marfa, that be the ghost's name

Razumihin, a most trusted friend, for I
To decidedly hand over Dunya and mother to him, to keep them from my madness
As I know the love for Dunya he does not speak
Although one day he will let it flow from his mind
As the bride next to him will have his name
And they will have happiness, a happiness I wish I could know

Madness may be my mind
As all know and speak
The murderer's name, Raskolnikov, whom is I


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