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Importance of reading

Updated on March 25, 2012

Is reading pleasure or its just reading???

All the people have different attitudes, different tastes and different ways of passing their leisure time. Some like to watch T.V, other listen music, still many are involved in different pleasurable activities have their own charms and delights for everyone. But as far as I am concerned, reading is my best parttime partner. In Fact, it is one of the best recreations of the world and is widely adopted by most of the intellectual throughout of the world. As we know that “A man is known by the company he keeps”, we may well say that a person taste is analysed by the books he reads. In other words the choice and collection of books is a reflection of one’s personality.

Books are definitely a blessing. They’re our best friends, guardians and give us wisdom and widen our vision. The knowledge of our ancestors is saved in the form of book. Whereas a written material is a good source of transforming the knowledge to the next generations. The great libraries of the world are an evidence of the progress of man in this ever progressing world.

Another advantage is a temporal escape from the worries and miseries of life and a flight towards gaining peace, knowledge and inspiration though the writing of the great writers. It is infact the books that share our sad moments and provide us a delightful company, besides improving our knowledge, Reading books is a complete source of pleasure, which the rich and poor can easily afford as most of the books aren’t much expensive.

There are several means of getting good books of which library is one. In fact it is an ideal and peaceful place to pass time and enjoy reading. It contains a lot of books of different variety thus helping the reader to have an access to his own tastes and inclinations. How can one feel boredom while reading the great authors of the world like Shakespeare and Iqbal.

Books are also called the “Bank” of world history as they contain tremendous amount of news and views of the past. Hence they make us aware of the historical events and experiences of the past which are transformed to the coming generations through the books.

In the end we can say that the great variety of reading material makes it possible for men of all tastes and temperaments to draw pleasure from it. Hence it can rightly be said that books are no doubt our best friends. Even in whatever mood we’re they don’t provide as knowledge of the world but also make us intelligent wise and above all sensitive.


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