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Is she really out there in the dark cold forest.

Updated on October 7, 2011

Cemetary Dark stories

Cold Dark forest
Cold Dark forest | Source

Small town stories

Earlier on that week Veronica and I were told by some teenage friends, that if we would stay one night, just one night at this gravesite we would win $200.00. We weren’t the only ones chosen to carry out this great feat, there were others before us, all which failed at the task. So we though, hell if we fail we won’t be the only ones. We packed up our raggedy camping gear and shotty green tent and head for theStockumCemeterywhich is located on a haul road, south of OH-541. Little did we really know how truly far off the main drag it truly was or the shape the road would be in. The road was gravel and dirt; needless to say the trenches and ruts prevented us from driving up to the cemetery itself. So we went by foot, with carrying our gear on our backs, I have to say thank god for hiking boots. Mud ankle high in some areas, and weeds waist high, but we tromped through it to found a clearing to set up camp. Just about 50 feet or so away from the cemetery gravestones we located a spot to pop the tent and build a fire.

Now some say there is a legend that lays in this wood, in this particular unused cemetery, some many versions you cannot decipher the truth. As the Legend has it that a woman named Mary Stockum haunts the cemetery and woods around it. Supposedly her second husband killed her mentally challenged daughter. But that didn't make her angry. What did make her angry was the town hanging her husband for the crime. She was so upset that she started to poison her remaining children, one by one. After the fifth child died, the town fathers charged her with murder and had her burned as a witch. They buried her in the cemetery with the rest of her family. However, shortly after she was burned at the stake, a sixth child died. They dug up Mary's body and cut off her head, and they buried it at an unknown location outside of the cemetery. No more of her children died after that. Today Mary Stockum's ghost is sometimes seen wandering around the cemetery, searching for her head and her remaining children. There have been numerous reports of her asking people to follow her into the woods. Now I have not experienced this myself, not known anyone personally who has but it was necessary to know. It is said it she always appears after dark.

As the fading sun began to progress behind the nearby hill top, dusk was upon us in that eerie desolate forgot wood. Light hazy fog begins to encompass us, from every angle as far as the naked eye could reasonably see. We just remained motionless in front of our dancing fire like well built sculptures. Veronica smiles in her corny way and says “This will be a piece of cake Alexa, no worries!” Just as those words crossed her chapped pink lips, a chilling breeze passed through us capturing our breath momentarily. We look at each other in complete fright, not mentioning a word, but just knowing that was not normal. Something close to that one minute on a dragster where you body is pushed back against the seat and you are breathless. Not too far off in the distance, we hear a ruffling sound of leaves in the woods, and cracking of old broken dead branches.

my dismay, Veronica becomes advantageous and ventures off toward the sounds.”Veronica, wait up!” I scurry to not be left behind in a cold dark scary place. As I catch up to her, she stood facing a broken tombstone of one of Mary’s children; it was too weathered to read the name. Just beyond the tombstone lied a treacherous path down a grade, “I bet that is where the noise is coming from” Veronica whispered.

“Oh no, uh……. I am not heading down there; I don’t know what or who is down there!” I said frightened.

“Come on, it might be just some teenagers trying to scare the shit out of us”

“Please, Alexa it will make the night go by faster!”

Reluctantly, I shuffled towards the trail, and walk about 50 paces we couldn’t see a whole lot without flashlights. Veronica took off so quick I didn’t think to grab them. We continued down the weathered dirt path and stopped right in front of Mary’s tombstone. Weeds had grown up all around the grave site, and vines smothered the mausoleum. Mary’s tombstone was very basic in detail just a rectangle tombstone that laid flat on the headstone. Around her tombstone laid several broken stones, knocked off and disarray in no certain particular fashion. Veronica wandered around looking at the grave area, as I stood fixated on Mary’s gravestone. I glanced up at what Veronica was doing and within a split second something happened I cannot explain. The tombstone had moved to the left about 1 foot, I squinted and wiped my eyes, I couldn’t believe it. I walked closer to Mary’s tombstone, writing began to appear on it as if someone was there writing it. It said “I am amongst you, and I want you to find my head!” I looked up at Veronica and I know my face turned pale white, and shrieked “We gotta go!” Just as I turned around, I felt a coldness come about the air like no other, like a dead cold. My knotty knees trembled and the prickly hairs on the back of my golden tan neck stood up, like a thistle on a cactus. I turned slightly 180 degrees to face the wooded weathered path that lied behind me. I lost my breath; a dense fog of some sort began to accumulate before my eyes into a shape.

Glowing beams of light took shape of its eyes, a formation of a female body and her head slightly lopsided due to a deep penetrating laceration on the left side of her head. This laceration was not from a tree branch scrape, nor a brush against the ground, it was made from an axe. The wound was still fresh and bleeding mystically as if she had found her head and we were in her time past. She hovered over the path, watching our every move to see what our intentions were there.

Veronica and I was scared ironing board stiff and couldn’t find our foot pacing to move. I looked at Veronica as to see if she had a keen idea to get us out of this obscure predicament, her facial expressions showed nothing. I looked straight ahead and saw a side path that might work.

“Do you think it will get us out of this unforgiving place?” I asked.

“I am not sure, but I do know I am not staying here!” Veronica gasped

We nodded to each other and began to sprint like a cheetah out of the wooded cemetery. As we neared the top, the apparition out of fury let out this ear deafening banshee bellow saying “where is my head?”

We tried to ignore it, but each time it had an effect on our bodies, causing our internal body temperatures to rise. Slowing our footing, and progressively making us deathly ill. Veronica slowed to a moderate jog and saw a short path she took to the dirt road, I didn’t notice until I reach the dirt road just north of her. I hopped into our caramel brown mercury monarch and drove closer to pick her up.

About 10 feet before I got there, there iridescent apparition had beaten me to it and had entered her fatigue body through her mouth like a last breath. I could see Veronica’s body having seizure like convulsions, then leaving her lifeless body on the dirt road. I jumped out of the car and ran up to Veronica; the apparition glided away speaking in foreign tongues. I looked up and noticed she had stopped just at the break of the forest. She clamored she will haunt us in our dreams, take our first born child’s lives and we would no longer bear our own reflection instead her reflection would appear.

I cuddled Veronica’s frail body in my unsteady arms; she was still beating a low pulse of 40, but was still alive. Her face was cold snow white and soaked with fierce terror -stricken tears, her lips African violet purple, at a glance it appeared as if the life had been sucked out of her. I cupped my weak hands under her sweat ridden arms and drug her to the car, to see if I could revive her.

When I reached the car I bundled her up in the passenger seat, to get her body temperature back up, and in turn would bring her heat rate back up. I ran to the other side and got into the driver seat. I turned the key, the motor wouldn’t turn over, and I tried 2 more time before I floored it out of there. Somewhere between the gravesite and Coshocton Veronica woke up. She didn’t say much, nor has she since that day. Some 5 days later her parents admitted her to the psychiatric ward at Coshocton, and remains there till this day. I lost contact with her when I moved to UCLA to attend medical school, but I still don’t speak of that day. Every time I walk by a mirror I don’t venture to look into it.


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    • profile image

      Mac the knife 

      7 years ago

      Great work again. The way you describe things is what makes the story.


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