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Is that what it takes to be safe in home ?

Updated on November 1, 2012

I dedicate this poem to the Marine, Lance Humberto Mendoza ,who refused to kill 5 innocent Iraqi children and to all the soldiers in the world who refuse to kill the civilian people in wars.


Whoever brought

Me here as a Christmas box

Must send me back


I am not a cold machine

or a man made of stone.




filling the earth and the air.


Children fall like flies,

swimming in blood pools

Some legs here,

Some hands there

Houses tumbled down to the ground

Mosques and Churches alike couldn't escape the collateral damage

Cars,buses..stopped dead in its tracks

Schools filled and then emptied

all from the fear of leathernecks

Electricity flicks on and off

Supplies are scarce.

What for ?



Satiating the pride?

Is that what it takes to be safe in home ?

Is that what it takes to raise the flag and put medals on the chests?

Where are the people who are supposed to greet us with flowers?

Where is the red-carpet treatment?

Where are Gog and Magog?

I am asking you..

The one in nice black suit

and glistening shoes


The vehicle of God

The commander in grief

Whose words enlightens the blind

Offering a perch to the old dove to sing

Don' t turn left or right or behind

Stay where you are

hands up

so I can see them

Don' t move


You can't wash your hands of the blood


digging holes in my soul.

The mask has fallen off

The truth is revealed

The game is over

Your time is nigh

Three trillion missing

Ten billion on the route

to feed bulldozer to raze villages

and send people to the the exile.

What for?



Satiating the pride?

Is that what it takes to be safe in home?

Is that what it takes to overturn a tyrant?.

I did what I did for the country

Eye for an eye,

Life for a life,

There was a man must die

who bit our hands

and made us a laughing-stock

I did what I did to create a spark filling us with delight

I did what I did

Cause the web had been weaved

and the die was cast

I beg now for my salubrity

spare me

I am an old dog

No longer wanted.

Flesh decaying


Lost in crowd

Devoid of emotion

Free of compassion



One foot in the grave

The other in the grass


A million screams of munchkins

still screech echoes through the universe

A million curses arising day by day

from the four quarters when a bullet pierced a chest

A million trodden flowers will never ever sprout out

in the East.


Babel now

The same scenario

The same mentality

The same pompous colonial show

Is that what it takes to be safe in home?

Is that what it takes to keep our sky everlastingly golden

and lifestyle highly lucrative?

Is that what it takes to find a pleasure in blowing up the whole nation?

Stop hurting my ears

and spewing the very pit of my core

Be off,drop the outfit

Fling yourself into the jail

There is no point any longer

No life anymore.




I am.

Hysterically crying

over elderly women cuddling their dead Beloved ones

over a tanned lifeless fist clenched a smidge of sugar

over a babbling stream that is now all dried up

over burning libraries with which they share ancient kinship.

The bridge is broken beyond repair,

You must be sent to jail

If not, so prepare yourself for the Divine Wrath.


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    • James-wolve profile image

      Tijani Achamlal 5 years ago from Morocco

      Thanks so much FalconSays for the comment.

      Have nice weekend.

    • FalconSays profile image

      Karen S Falcon 5 years ago from Las Vegas, NV

      Thank you for posting this. xo