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Is the E-Bay Guarantee All It Is Cracked-up to Be?

Updated on June 14, 2020

December 27th

I question the guarantee from E-Bay.

How can we take them at their word?

Now I know that to trust E-Bay is just absurd.

E-bay's Guarantee

Is E-Bay's Guarantee, all it is cracked up to be?
Is E-Bay's Guarantee, all it is cracked up to be? | Source

December 27 - I set up an e-bay account, and placed an order and linked it to Pay Pal this very day.

E-Bay welcomed me!
E-Bay welcomed me! | Source

PayPal took and sent my money right away.

My Christmas Gift

For Christmas my husband bought me a Samsung Tab 2 10.1

But, the keyboard was so small and uncomfortable for me

That is when I went to e-bay to see what there might be

A keyboard and protection case and find out what is their fee.

I placed an order on December 27th for a keyboard and stand

And three days later I had it them in my hand

I was so excited and thought this is really grand

I quickly placed my tablet in the case so that it would stand

I put 2 AAA batteries in the keyboard then pressed connect

Then turned on the Samsung tab 2

I went to settings and turned on the blue-tooth

Then "NOTHING HAPPENED" what can I do?

There was no light, there was not sound, it did not do a thing

As I said to hubby "is this e-bay just a scammers ring?"

I did not want to call E-bay or PayPal on New Year's Day

"Surely they will replace the keyboard anyway it is guaranteed."

January 2nd

I called PayPal to see what they would do

The person asked me: "have you called the seller too?"

That is the one you should be talking to

I did not know the seller; this is my only order to e-bay ever!

This is the first time I ever ordered anything online

And because of e-bay's Guarantee, I thought that it would be just fine

I want a keyboard that works, could it be exchanged for me

Or is e-bay's guarantee not what it's cracked up to be?

I then called e-bay to make a claim and the process had begun

The person that I spoke with said she would get right back to me.

But, the seller is the one to say if the order can be undone

E-bay sent an email, if they don't hear from the seller

they would (SIC) find for me

E-bay said I did not need to do a thing until they got back with me

But, on the 14th when nothing I had heard

I figured out to trust e-bay really was absurd

Then I called PayPal to see if they could keep their word

PayPal asked if I would be willing to ship the whole order back

I told them yes, the items are already packed

I will send you an e-mail for the return

And instructions to add a number we can track

I received the e-mail and this is how it read.

That I could ship it back and I am eligible for a refund with shipping and handling

That is what the e-mail said

Then I read the rest of the e-mail to see just where it lead

Transaction Details, sellers name and e-mail and transaction ID

Date, amount and case number and buyer's transaction ID

Please ship the items listed as "Granted"

Items must be in their original condition and you are responsible for shipping and handling

What? Is this some kind of Double talk?

Your guarantee may as well be written on a sidewalk

And written on a rainy day and even wrote with chalk

So the rain can wash it away

If you can't keep your word and walk the walk

The address written in Chinese

The address of the seller was written in Chinese

Oh my, the cost would bring me to my knees

How do I write these symbols on a label? Would you tell me please?

So I can send the inoperative keyboard back with ease

According to the e-mail, I have ten days for the return

This is one lesson, I have learned

Do not order from E-bay, or you really could get burned

Even if something does not work, they do not want it returned

And if you even try, you could get spurned

I called PayPal back and asked them now what do I do?

The person that I talked with this time said

We will send a pre-paid label just for you

And, a confirmation e-mail too

Seller's address:

Guangdong Province, 518057 China


I opened up the last e-mail from PayPal and re-read every line

They did not send the prepaid label

Oh my! I am running out of time

And to make the 10 day dead line, I am unable

I call PayPal and got e-bay - and went through the details once again

I spoke with Richard, who had a very sympathetic ear

Richard asked if he could call me in 10 minutes

He had to present my case to a supervisor and make it very clear

10 minutes came went and then 10 more minutes past

Then when 10 more came and went, my patients could not last

To expect a return call from Richard, my hopes were quickly dashed

I called e-bay and got PayPal instead

I explained to Linda, I had been waiting for a return call

And, started at the beginning to explained it all

Then Linda said: this is a onetime resolution; I tell you what we will do

We will decide in your favor and will be refunding you

Thank you Linda, I appreciate you and PayPal too

But with this useless keyboard, what do I do

You can dump it in the trash

That is really up to you

Again, I ask: Is the e-bay Guarantee all it is cracked up to be.

If you order from e-bay, will you have problems just like me?

If they can't keep their word

What good is an e-bay Guarantee?

© 2014 Shyron E Shenko


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