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A Catered St. Patrick's Day & Other Novels by Isis Crawford

Updated on August 5, 2017
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Lena Kovadlo is a writer for various content sharing websites. She's an author of 10 books and helps other authors publish their books.

A Catered St. Patrick's Day - Isis Crawford
A Catered St. Patrick's Day - Isis Crawford

About A Catered St. Patrick's Day by Isis Crawford

If you are looking for some mystery novels to read try the novels of Isis Crawford. You can start off by reading A Catered St. Patrick's Day - a mystery novel with recipes.

Not only will you get to enjoy an interesting mystery but you will also get to try out a few recipes that are included in the back of the book and those that are within the story itself as the two main characters in the book own a catering business and bake delicious treats and prepare tasty dishes.

While A Catered St. Patrick's Day by Isis Crawford is not the first book in the series you can still read it without having read the other books. This was the first book I read in the series and it did not leave me confused at all.

In A Catered St. Patrick's Day two sisters Bernie and Libby Simmons (living in Longely, New York) own a catering business A Little Taste of Heaven. But they don't just cook, serve customers, and run their business. They also solve mysteries at the same time.

In this mystery novel Bernie's boyfriend, Brandon, discovers a lifeless man (Mike Sweeney) lying face down in a container filled with green beer. Duncan Nottingham - a nephew of Bernie's and Libby's best catering customer Bree Nottingham - is deemed the number one suspect in this crime and Bree enlists Bernie and Libby to help solve this mystery and prove that Duncan is innocent. But proving Duncan's innocence is not a piece cake because the evidence seems to point in his direction and make him a fit to be the killer.

In the midst of running their catering business they have to investigate the murder and question Duncan and his friends as well as the members of The Corned Beef and Cabbage Club. As the two sisters get deeper and deeper into the investigation they realize that things are not what they seem. Just when they think they have found their suspect it turns out that they are actually nowhere near finding the real killer.

How I Discovered Isis Crawford...

On one of my trips to the local library a St. Patrick's Day book cover caught my eye. I took it off the shelf and couldn't stop staring at the image in front of me. I was hooked. I flipped through the book and started reading the first page of the first chapter. I was hooked again. I knew right then and there that I would be taking this book out to read. And that's exactly what I did. I couldn't wait to get home and begin reading. I was on the edge of my seat.

As soon as I came home from the library I went up to my bedroom, sat down on my couch, and began to read A Catered St. Patrick's Day... As soon as I started reading and flipped to the second page I found it hard to put the book down. I just wanted to continue reading till the very last page. It would have been great if I could sit and finish the book in one sitting but I had to make dinner and there were other things I had to do... So a few chapters later I had to finally put the book down and go take care of the cooking and other errands. All the while I was thinking about getting back to this book and reading the rest of the story... And I did get a few more chapters in before it was time to head to bed.

This book was on loan for two weeks yet it took me less than a week to finish it. It was that addictive; that good. I am glad that this book happened to be in the library at the time of my visit. I am thrilled that the book cover caught my eye and that I took the book out. I greatly enjoyed the read and the story of A Catered St. Patrick's Day from start to finish. And I can say that on my next trip to the library I will be on the lookout for more books by Isis Crawford. I have no doubt I will enjoy them all.

Other Books by Isis Crawford

Isis Crawford is a mystery writer who also runs a catering service so it is no surprise that her other books are also mysteries with recipes. Here is a list of her other books that you might find interesting.

  • A Catered Murder
  • A Catered Wedding
  • A Catered Christmas
  • A Catered Valentine's Day
  • A Catered Halloween
  • A Catered Birthday Party
  • A Catered Thanksgiving

I've already read some of them and loved them!

Are you familiar with author Isis Crawford?

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    • lovebuglena profile image

      Lena Kovadlo 5 years ago from Staten Island, NY

      I love to read. Sometimes when I am really into a book and don't have anything urgent to do I can sit and read for hours. There have been times where I had read a book in one sitting.

    • rauffray profile image

      rauffray 5 years ago from BC, Canada

      What an interesting concept. You are obviously an avid reader. Thank you for sharing, Lena.