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Islam Is The Religion Of Peace And Love

Updated on June 23, 2016

The terrorism around the world is killing the innocent people these days and some of the terrorists claim that they are killing the people because they are the Muslims(the followers of Islam) and they are killing the people because their religion Islam wants them to do it and they are killing not only the non Muslims, they are killing the Muslims too and even they are killing the innocent children as they did in Peshawar few months ago, they killed many children in a suicidal bomb attack in Army Public School at Peshawar.

Is it right that they do it for Islam? Does Islam allows them to do it?

No, not at all, they don't do this for Islam because Islam doesn't allow them to do it and off course Islam is the religion of Peace and love.

The God says:

'Whoever kills a human, he kills the whole humanity.'

Then Why the terrorists say that they are fighting to enforce the Islamic law in this world?

They say this because they are not the followers of Islam or they don't know about Islam.

Some of them maybe the tools in the hands of anti Islamic forces, the forces who don't like Islam and the forces who don't like the humanity because Islam wants the betterment for the whole of the humanity but anti Islam and anti humanity forces never want the betterment of the humanity because these forces actually are playing in the hands of Satan, the Satan who want to enforce his kingdom on this earth because he is very angry with the God and he is angry with the Muslims and he is angry with the humanity because the God loves the Muslims and he loves the whole humanity and Satan is the one who was thrown away by the God from the heaven and he was thrown because of the love, the love that the God has for the humanity and now the Satan is furious and want to take revenge by the God and he is establishing his armed forces to kill the humanity because he knows that the God loves the humanity and it is the best way to harm a lover by harming his beloveds, although he can't harm the God but he is trying his best because the God allowed him to do this.

So the people who are killing the humanity in the name of the God and in the name of Islam, they actually are not the Muslims and they aren't the humans even and they are only acting as the Muslims because no Muslim, a true Muslim kills anybody because he knows that the God and Islam never allow to kill an innocent person.

But the people who are killing the innocent persons in the name of Islam, actually they are the Satan's army who is the bitter foe to the God, he is the bitter foe to the Muslims, and he is the bitter foe to the whole humanity.

Some of the terrorists maybe used by the satanic forces to enforce their satanic agenda and some simple Muslims maybe used by them because lack of their education and they become the tools in the hands of the satanic forces and become the suicidal bombers and these sort of the people are being used badly by the satanic forces and they are doing this without knowing that they are doing wrong and they claim that they are doing right because the forces who are using them, taught them that they are doing right.

Every Muslim whenever he starts to do something, he starts by reciting a verse, in the name of the God and he says in this verse that the God is the most merciful.

If the God is the most merciful and off course he is, then can he allow the Muslims or any of his followers to become the terrorists? Can he allow anyone to kill the innocent people?

He doesn't allow and even he says the people to live peacefully with each other because if he himself is the most merciful, then off course he wishes his people to become merciful with each other.

So Islam completely rejects the terrorism and the prophet,the prophet of Islam Muhammad(S.A.W.W) lived whole of his life peacefully and he loved the people and he loved his bitter foes even.

That is why Islam is the religion of peace and love and the prophet Muhammad(S.A.W.W) not only lived his own life peacefully but he also preached to his followers to live their lives peacefully, though he fought few battles but these battles were fought in defense and even during the battles he set many great examples of the peace and love as we know that when he conquered his hometown he forgave everybody, he forgave all of his enemies who really teased him during his early life.

When he went to a town to preach the message of the God, some of the cruel people threw the stones on him and he became injured as result, an angel came and conveyed the message of the God:

'O Muhammad(S.A.W.W), if you so wish I'll destroy them,throwing the mountain on them.'

But Muhammad(S.A.W.W), who was the embodiment of the peace and love, replied so beautifully that:

'They don't know me but I'm sure that they will come on to my way one day, when they will really recognize me.'

A non Muslim old woman used to throw the garbage on Muhammad(S.A.W.W) when he used to pass by her house but he never spoke a word against her, one day when he was passing by her house he didn't find her to throw the garbage on him, when he inquired, he came to know that she was ill, he reached her house and gave her the medicine and really helped her till she was fully recovered, the lady embraced Islam as result.

The Prophet Muhammad(S.A.W.W) further said that:

'A Muslim is one who doesn't harm the other Muslims with his tongue and with his hands.'

So no terrorist can be a Muslim because no Muslim harms the other Muslims with his tongue or with his hands and no Muslim can kill even a non Muslim without any reason because the God and the Prophet Muhammad(S.A.W.W) strongly forbade to do this and the people who claim themselves as the Muslims and killing the innocent people and killing the innocent humans, they should learn their religion, they should learn Islam, they should learn the message of the God, they should learn the teachings of the Prophet Muhammad(S.A.W.W) before they claim that they are the Muslims, when they will come to know about the teachings of Islam, the real teachings, off course they will come to know that Islam doesn't allow the terrorism and they will come to know that Islam is the religion of peace and love.


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    • Jojo Yousef profile image

      Jomana H 

      3 years ago

      Great article, of cours Islam Is The Religion Of Peace

    • M Asif Jameel profile imageAUTHOR

      Muhammad Asif 

      3 years ago from Jhelum Pakistan

      Thanks Bizwhiz, I believe in humanity as Islam and all religions believe in humanity

    • profile image


      3 years ago

      I can definitely appreciate this. There are those in all religion that use it as a vehicle for their own personal gains. Great Hub. Keep up the good work!


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