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"It Is A Grey Day" Poem

Updated on November 26, 2012
Just because the media and politicians all speak "Grey P.C."...Doesn't mean that they are always correct in their view either.
Just because the media and politicians all speak "Grey P.C."...Doesn't mean that they are always correct in their view either.

It is a Grey Day

Look up the sun is all around...

Yet…why is the grey beating us all down?

I think it is from the viral pit...

Of the P.C. world...that spews out only vomit.

Let’s color it all down...and watch what we say…

Make sure that you only speak sterile and grey.

The word has gone out all over the land...

There must be politically correct verbage uttered by every man.

The Proclamation states:" Do not embark in distasteful incorrect language..."

Otherwise...Hint, Hint..."You might end up as meat in between a cement sandwich!"

It is a Grey Day…Now go out and watch every word that you say...

Better not let “Truth-based” words or “Comical Uses” get in your way.

See “Them” (candidates) out on the Campaign trail...

If they slip up with one word...they can fail.

How silly and so trite...

To make sure every tiny so right.

Not good for me…I can usually put my foot right into my mouth...

Faster than a Hurricane can knock out power...down in the South.

But what gets me is...We stay P.C. to not make anything have too much prejudice-“ness”,

We sure don’t want to say any phrase or words that are on any prejudice verbage lists.

But…in order to make such a list…Wouldn’t someone in turn…have to also be prejudiced?

Who is it then...that can be: “The One”…that is entitled to make up such a list?

Have we completely done away with all words that are wrong...

I know I have heard...many a bad politically incorrect word…in many a song.

When I grew up...My Mom and her Mom made it clear some words have no class...

Of course that was long ago...and folks didn’t cuss like we do now…out the _ss!

Nothing’s wrong in being careful in what we say…we need to consider what is offensive,

If something doesn’t quite go your way…Doesn’t mean you automatically must get defensive.

There’s plenty of Political Incorrectness to go around...

Or maybe…we need the P.C. Police to monitor every sound!

Make sure when you point the finger that states what is the P.C. view...

That there are not three more fingers pointing right back at you...

Or one thumb that is pointing slightly off…and a little “askew”...

And Remember…Political Correctness Verbage does not whitewash “Poo-Poo”!

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