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It Is Time To Stop And Make A Difference

Updated on February 28, 2011

Trying Something New

I have recently been reading a book about our brain power

I was first shocked to find out how little I knew about my own brain

That I was just plain sad to find out I have missed the boat

I have a gift so marvelous and so special I dismissed it as little as an old shoe

Tossed in a pile with many others

What was I thinking ?

What is everyone thinking ?

As I started to learn more about the brain and how it works

I became more interested than ever

I began to ask others about our brains and how they work

People I talked to couldn't be bothered and showed little interest or desire

I said to myself not to cause a scene

"Are you kiddng me"

This is your life and you have the greatest potential to make the world better than ever

You pass it up like your passing Ketchup across the table

No thanks

I don't want any

I have a little that's enough

I had some yesterday I really didn't like it

The more I came interested the less other people became

So now I made it my own game

Brains or no brains the choice is yours

I want to learn so much more

For me it starts today and I will share my knowledge as I go

Those who want to learn can listen

Those who don't care can be happy who they are

Maybe some day they will come around before it is too late

I can tell you that you are missing out on life

It is your life and it is up to you to decide

But when it's gone it will never come back

Like your favorite puppy who ran away from home and didn't know any better

Why wouldn't someone want to tap into their greatest potential

Be better at what they love to do

I am not setting any guide lines or rules

Just learn from using one of the greatest tools in the world

It is your personal gift that no one has

Enough about that

I am just getting a jump on the subject I love the most

Why don't they have at least one year of study in schools how to use our own minds ?

To make the most out of our brain and our brain power

To reach and strive for more

To be the best we can

We learn about so many other subjects and think they are so important

We find out later they were fun to learn but they didn't change our life

This is life changing

It is the way we think

Without oxygen to the brain we are all gonners

Yes we might as well be sitting next to the ketchup and the mustard on the table

Because we would be nothing but a condiment on the table

Not able to think on our own

Not able to do anything but be a decoration and a pretty ugly one at that

So please if you don't do anything else today

Learn just a little about your brain and how it works

You would be surprised and delighted to find

You have the gift that any lottery winner would pay millions for

A one of a kind gem that shines in any light

That goes non stop and never gets any rest

Serves you like a slave but is a friend to the end

It can make you think of things that you never thought possible

Then take you to places you have never been

Your brain goes with you on every trip

So let's be smart and learn more about all the secrets and knowledge that are mixed together

In our head like a fruit salad

It can have so many benefits so let's take advantage of it

If we don't use and take proper care of it

The results will be crystal clear

It is sure to spoil

Then we will have lost a valuable gift that is impossible to replace

Now is the time to pick up the pace and learn about the brain that transforms you

You are the best action figure ever made

You are truely worth all the time spent

Enjoy all the pleasures that lie hidden inside your skull

Brains or no brains the choice is yours ?


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    • DREAM ON profile imageAUTHOR

      DREAM ON 

      7 years ago

      Dim Flaxenwick You hit the nail right on the head.Are you sure your not a carpenter by trade.Have a good day.

    • Dim Flaxenwick profile image

      Dim Flaxenwick 

      7 years ago from Great Britain

      Fabulous !!! Use it or lose it, right??

    • DREAM ON profile imageAUTHOR

      DREAM ON 

      7 years ago

      GPSWORLD TRAVELER I will definitely check it out.I love when people help other people constantly with new ideas.It is like our brains are working overtime to please another person.Then all of a sudden whoa -la it worked.I am so pleased with the response and the outcome is sure to be a good one.Heart4theword there are many things people find to complain about every day.I read the newspapers often.In all my years I have never ever heard anyone say thank you for our brains.We are all smart people why don't we use our brains.Be smart start your day letting your brain do it's job helping you in every way.Just good suggestions for Newspaper titles in the future.I can't get over how so much can fit in such a small package.I know they say diamonds our a womans best friend.I think it should be brains.Schoolmarm I love my brain too.It hasn't let me down once.I have let it down many times.I am learning.It might take more time than I thought.I keep slowing my brains down so they have to wait up until my body catches up.Thanks everyone and the B R A I N S have it!!!

    • schoolmarm profile image


      7 years ago from Florida

      Great poem. I love my brain! Thanks

    • heart4theword profile image


      7 years ago from hub

      Yes, without our brain power, we would be nothing. Thank God for the brains He gave us, even in doing right in our everyday life:)

    • GPSWorldTraveler profile image


      7 years ago from Washington State, USA

      Right On! The brain, creation, moving outside the box is fascinating to me as well. Read a book called Scattered... it is about the "why's" of ADD with lots of focus on adult ADD. One of the fascinating things revealed was that many of our behaviors/pits are a result of chemical mis-firing of brain synapses that didn't fully develop because of early age trauma. Things like Depression, low self esteem and limited ability to love self are impacted greatly by these non chemical mis-firings. Good news is that it is correctable if one chooses to 'use' their brains :) Pun intended. By the by how many hours did it take you to right this poem... great creatively as well as provocative.

    • DREAM ON profile imageAUTHOR

      DREAM ON 

      7 years ago

      Carrie450 When I found out how little I knew about our brain and how it works.I found out others new nothing too.But the difference is I want to learn and they don't care.These are young adults from teenagers to the early mid twenties.Thanks for enjoying and if you know any facts please come back and share.

    • carrie450 profile image


      7 years ago from Winnipeg, Canada

      This is a very interesting hub about the brain DREAM ON. Well written.


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