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The Secret Places of God

Updated on March 29, 2012

Bluer Than Blue (Start Pavarotti Here)

If you are a total immersion fanatic like me, before you start reading, please push the start button on the video below. You can pretend the thunderous applause at the end is the sound of a waterfall. =:)
If you are a total immersion fanatic like me, before you start reading, please push the start button on the video below. You can pretend the thunderous applause at the end is the sound of a waterfall. =:)

It was one of those

Surprise days

You know, the kind that

Happens after a clouded,

Overcast, gray season of rain

You thought it would be that way for a while

And then this day happens…

Blue skies

Bluer than blue skies because of the

Contrast of majestic white sculpted cloud

With enough shadows in their valleys to render

Them stark against the primary blue

The air, clean & charged and full of the freshest of fresh smells

The kind that needs the best music

The Puccini or Romanza

Something that is as lofty as the skies are beautiful

The kind of day you want to plunge into with all your senses

The kind you change into comfortable, expendable clothes

Because you know this day will definitely rub off on you

And you wouldn’t have it any other way….

You could garden on a day like this

You could probe the secret places of God

You could call the best friend, the closest relative

You could make something on a day like this

You could write

You could embrace away the failures of other days and

Spring clean it new, chock full of hope

You don’t just smile on a day like this

It starts deep inside and spreads like

An avalanche, carrying an irrepressible joyous glow

That is more than the light in your eyes and the up turn of your lips

You meet this day on its own terms, nothing held back, accepting, full

Brim full and contagious with a life we rarely let out

But a day like this…..

Oh watch out world, I could squeeze you too hard on a day like this

©Winsome Publishing 2010, All rights reserved

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