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The Theory of Life (Poem)

Updated on October 1, 2013

Theory of life,

So often have I reached for you

In desperation and fear,

Waiting, wanting and desiring you to

Acknowledge my mere existence, but

To my regret, and

My failed earnest attempt

You would just pass me by,

There are others

Of greater importance I must see first!

Theory of life shrilled,

As though hilariously elated,

War, strife, hunger, and lack,

Console yourself therein,

These are the words

The theoretical system retorted.

Theory of life,

I so desired, that you would

Bestow upon me some greatness,

I even abased myself to be content

With the orts you doled out,

Merely existing had silenced my cry

Of experientially living real life,

Theory declared, “life is only for some”

Uttering its usual theoretical rhetoric

Only if you will believe that malignant theory!

I inquired, What is life?

Real life is not theory, or a concept

I proclaimed, in my despair, and

When shall I experience this right to live?

Isn’t life the right of every creature?

The concept of life is now becoming a flickering flame

I so endeavored to live life to the fullest,

Theory of life, I sobbed,

Why have you dealt me the hand of spades?

Have I wandered, and detoured from the path?

Birth! The beginning of my life

Life’s debut, and introduction of me

This was not a theory, but reality,

Sickness, disease, and sorrow

Were some of the ills which silenced

My song, and debate with life,

Suddenly death had crept in

Through the darkness of theory

Looming around to pickup the lost in theory,

Anyone who evades reality

Before the early morn, or was it the light of the morn?

However, this wind of death had silenced

Life's symphony but, only temporarily,

The theory of life unlived, resonated loudly,

It masqueraded and masked itself,

As it pranced around on the stage of theory,

As if it were in the theatre and in costume

A baby, boy, girl, man, or woman

The theory of life has no favorites!

Beware of theory!

When overlooked suffering, and affliction

Is the price merely to die in sin,

Sin is the theory of life, and

It is a life we haven't really lived,

Redemption, and grace knocked

At the door of my heart, and

Moreover, I opened the door, and

I did cry, oh how I did cry

Within the depths of my womanhood,

Yes, I cried.........

Today true life has been victorious!

Merciful, and kind of the suffering

Attentive to the cry of the afflicted,

Life has shown compassion,

A carpet which leads to pure mercy

Wherein came Jesus the Christ,

He spoke through eternity

I can't tell you of the moment, or hour,

Of the time of day or night,

In which life will abruptly interrupt death,

Or death will temporarily interrupt life

Shall I pay death any tribute?

When I know death is sin's employee,

Real life, not theory had no more use for sin, and

Could no longer allow it to be sponsoring theory

Or to be peddling its unworkable concepts,

Death had staked its claim,

Camouflaged and disguised, as life,

Jesus spoiled all principalities, and

The intoxication of sin,

In all of its parties and hullabaloo’s,

Theory was dressed up as life

Eternity is beckoning now, to come

Sit down and rest

Death is but for a second, and has no more sting

Life with the Creator is forever,

Only the Creator and Maker of all things knows

Why and how theory is dressed up as life, and how it

Deceives the masses to think, that

Sin is not merely paying the wages of death,

Dressed up as life, but is only theory of life

Only the Creator knows the answer to this dilemma I am having

Because this was just my soul reflecting

Upon the departure of a friend, and how.

Jesus Christ is more than theory,

He is the way, the truth and

The real path to life

Don't be hoodwinked by theory,

Choose real life today, and choose Jesus Christ.

In memory of Matthew Charles Dingle Sr. who I call



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