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It might be the time.

Updated on March 2, 2016

It's maybe time.

Is it time,for me to go
Indecisive,even I don't know
Confused,afraid,upset and overwrought
Can't take it forward,emotions not taught
If I leave today,have I left a mark
Did I make you laugh,create a spark
Did I worry you too much
Did I care not enough
Is my head too full
Is my thinking not enough.
Would I be lost,missed or forgot
Emotions,crying,can't be bought.
Did I influence,infuriate,digress,or drive you crazy
My memories of the trauma,are really quite hazy.
Was I hard work,all of the time
Is loving me daily,an emotional climb.
Did I test your nerves,was I really so bad
I thought your emotions,weren't made to be sad.
I've got time to burn,I have people to befriend
I need to make amends,good vibrations to send.
Try more to make happy,the people I see
Not upset them with stupidity,not all about me.
Try make things right,before I pass through
This lifetime of trauma,it's nothing new.


is it time?

is it the place?

am I still happy?

have I fallen from grace.?

feel no one knows my pain

what can I say

whats to be achieved?

who will possibly gain?

unsure of the future

ashamed of my past

maybe tomorrow is my choice

might it be my last?

Lived In.

Question everything,why?

to take is to give

to steal is to donate

to try my last nerve

to pass by my gate

time is no healer

time tells us a lie

time torments my mind

torment causes me to cry.

i try find solutions

i try finding my will

I'm constantly running

used to be a thrill.

Side Ways Is Best.



my heart is being torn,my emotions I should tend

tragedy be falls me,follows my every thought

lessons in life that can't be taught.

is there an end to the pain

is there an end to the noise

i conferred with my friends

talked to my usual boys

still none the wiser

still no further ahead

i watched him pass by

in knew he was dead.

No up and no down.

is there anyone there?

can I confide in you?

can I betray my emotions?

will I feel less blue?

being in this mind

is the loneliest place

each day I am fake

trying out the new face.

going back to discuss

where I possibly went wrong

will it matter at all?

hear a different song?

Back and Forth,forward Then Back.











take action like never before

torment shall never last.

The last stand.

He stood

He fought

He cried

He laughed

He misled

He taunted

He surpassed

He laughed.

He finished

He prayed

He asked

He stayed

what happens now?

Enough said!

Tried the smile.

Sensing Trouble.

Where do you go when all else fails?

See results

Huge emotions.

I've had amazing highs,and as many lows

what route will I take,no one really knows.

if I go one way,I encounter a stage

someone will annoy me,let's out the rage.

easilly upset,that's what he told me

i spoke honestly and true,

he asked to hold me.

i held him in fear

i felt the wetness of tears

my mind worked overtime,

I moved up the gears.

spoke all night,calmed him down

did my best,with a walk down town.

seemed to help,I sensed a smile

hopefully he's ok,for more than a while.


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    • bigj1969 profile image

      John Marshall 22 months ago from glasgow

      Thanks AngelaJJ ,appreciate the nice compliment.

    • AngelaJJ profile image

      AngelaJJ 22 months ago

      Great poems! :)