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It might be time to grow up if???

Updated on March 19, 2008

Bringing back memories

If you still say pull my finger when you have to ?.. you know

If you are still using album covers for more than storing your records.

If you are still buying eggs on Halloween.

If you still call the store and ask if they have prince Albert in a can.

If you still decorate your neighbor's tree with toilet paper.

If you still say hey your epidermis is showing.

If you still come home late at night and cant find the keyhole.

If you still giggle when you hear the word sex.

If you still put socks on the cat's head and watch them walk backwards

If you still say to the officer that pulled you over for speeding, What's wrong officer was I going to fast.

If you still like to hug the toilet.

If you still try and throw an emty beer bottle out of the truck window while it's still up.

If you still park out on a back road with a friend and forget where you are.

If you still suck helium.

If you still try to open a bottle cap with your teeth.

If you still ring doorbells and run, even though it's still fun.

If you still think you can touch your toes without pulling a muscle.

If you still pull the sheets over your wife's head and fart.....

Well, I think thats enough for now. I'm sure glad I grew up!.......

Dont ever grow up all the way. Have some fun!! as long as it's not harmful.


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    • profile image

      sandra rinck 9 years ago

      true dat, don't grow up.