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It Turns out That I Have so Many Poor and Sincere Children

Updated on March 22, 2020
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Before the fifth grade, I lived in my family. A small village in Changzi County, the most densely populated area in Nanyao. Fenghuang Ridge is a bare mountain. There are few trees except for the sparse grass. The village is called Jiucun, and the origin of the name has not been studied in detail. Grandpa's grandpa's grandpa, the ancestor of the eighteenth generation, called it like this, the habit became natural. In the winter and summer when the snow is heavy and the rain is heavy, the huge water flows down the twisting streets on the Nan Kiln, forming a large S shape. Living in a village area outside Nanyaoshang (in fact, it can be used to describe it) is very difficult. Because of other areas, the drop is 50-100 meters lower than that of Nanyao. Such a drop, in view of the "zero existence" of the village water conservancy project, people on and off the Nanyao began to encounter floods, and it was miserable.

Therefore, since ancient times, the Nan Kiln has been a treasure of feng shui, with plenty of sunshine and no risk of flooding. The uncle's family lived on the Nan Kiln. My little friends and children also live in Nanyao. And those who live outside the Nanyao area are naturally isolated from our partners.

During the millennium history of the village, due to the difference between rich and poor, two classes were naturally created. I think that the first class is the people in Nanyao; the other class is the people in other regions. Of course, people in the first class are relatively wealthy.

In the history of Jiucun, the only large landlord's courtyard was built in the Nan Kiln because of the mountain. For thousands of years, there has been no flood. After liberation, it was allocated to more than a dozen poor families. The compound is still in place and the building is complete. People outside the Nanyao area suffer from hot waters twice a year.

I live in the Dai family, not from the Nan Yao Shang, and not from the wine village. Therefore, we can observe with a transcendent mentality. In the eyes of the uncle and the adults, this is called a small adult, called precocity. I do n’t care. I ’m precocious, so at least I ’m still a kid. It is probably in the second and third grades of elementary school, a summer afternoon at two or three o'clock. I rubbed my eyes and walked to the highest part of the upper area of ​​Nan Kiln, where there was a deep well on Nan Kiln for the drinking water of more than 100 households on Nan Kiln. Naturally, more than 400 households outside the Nanyao area are not eligible to come here to fetch water. In fact, these people are really too far to come here to eat water.

There were already a group of children about my age there, and even the child Wang Aliang was surrounded. I took a few steps and didn't know what was going on. Approaching, in fact, the fact is in sight. It turned out to be Alu. A Lu holds a paper bag in his hand. He is carefully taking out small pieces from this paper bag and handing them to the children around him. A small piece for each person, of course, A Liang got two pieces. These children, after getting this small piece, quickly put it in their mouths, chewed, and then showed a happy and happy expression on their faces.

Come closer, Alu greeted me, "Dong Xiao, come here quickly. Keep a piece for you." When I walked to Alu, I could see the small pieces wrapped in a Tianzi work paper, which were all fried pork pieces. One step closer, I know. The Alu family ate meat buns at noon. He deliberately picked out all the meat in the buns and wrapped them in small paper bags. There were dozens of pieces.

So, I have just shared.

Alu's family is not good, but it is slightly better than other friends. Alu wants to give me that last little piece of meat, I smiled, "Alu, you eat it yourself. You know, others have eaten half a mouthful, I really can't eat it. A bad habit." A Lu smiled, and swallowed the last piece of meat. In later blind chats, I found that except for A Lu and another companion, A Qiang, who could eat meat once a month, other companions could only eat meat once every six months.

I live in my family, and my family's economic situation is actually average. So everyone doesn't consider me at all and automatically put me into the ranks of eating meat once every six months. In fact, everyone is wrong. Our family eats meat at least once a week, and sometimes two or three times a week. Obviously, compared with the situation of our little friends, our family is already "absolutely" wealthy (in the matter of eating meat). However, both parents and grandma are too low-key people.

It is always reassuring that money is not exposed. The meat buns eaten by Alu can be eaten almost every month. The small pieces of meat that Alu distributes to my friends, I can eat a dozen or even dozens of pieces every week. The small piece of meat passed by his sincere and sincere little hand was precious and unusual to him, but to me it was sparse and ordinary. I am inconvenient to explain that I had to refuse on the grounds of "cleanliness".

Nowadays, I often remember this incident in my mind, and I can't help but sigh very much: It turned out that I had so many poor and sincere children at that time. These children are the wealth of my life. (Author: Dongjiang Bo, Internet writer, banbishan Jiang Zhongwen network founder, the famous End of the World community moderator, columnist, has published the novel "Needing You", "waiting is the best I can give you love," poetry "Chunhua Autumn leaves.).

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