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It's Called A Break Up Because It's Broken: A Book Review

Updated on January 2, 2017
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Caroline is a Business Management graduate with diverse work experience in the field of Banking, Communications & Retail Sales.

Me reading the book, again =)
Me reading the book, again =)

If you had just split up with your beau and you don’t want your friends to know your misery but wants to find comfort anyhow, well this is a good book for you.

The book is authored by the couple Grey Behrent and Amira Ruotola-Behrent. Greg Behrent is an American stand-up comedian and was a script consultant to the HBO sitcom 'Sex and the City'. He also coauthored the two-million copy bestseller “He’s Just Not That Into You” which inspired a movie of the same title. His wife Amira, is a former record executive and now a full-time author and TV producer. They live in Los Angeles with their two daughters as of this book’s writing.

I recommend this book especially when you’re already tired of your own drama and you wanted to lift your spirit up. Or you’re in the middle of deciding whether to get your ex back or move on and find a new one. Or maybe you want to move on but found it hard to make one step forward. This book will definitely help you get back on your feet again. It will take you on a roller-coaster ride, crying & laughing at the same time from start to finish. It presents the harsh realities of a break up but in a funny way. It aims to save you and your pretty face from humiliation by discouraging you to do something stupid. It will make you feel special, restrain you from self-pity, guide you on keeping your pride & your dignity in-tact and most importantly, it’ll teach you ways to recover.

I have many favorite parts in the book, one of it discusses about “rebounding”. It states, “The best thing you can do is get out of your ex’s world and go find someone real to love. Any relationship that’s designed solely to elicit a reaction from someone else is not only false but a major discredit to anyone who’s a part of it. When you truly move on, you won’t care what your ex thinks. And for the record, the best revenge isn’t messing up his life – it’s getting on with yours and living it to the fullest”.

Another of my favorite part in this book is ‘Greg’s Intro’ where he shared part of his own past relationship. He begins his story like you’re reading a fairy tale book but suddenly cracks “Excuse me, I know you’re seeing someone else but can I have some of that pillow?”

Also the “Dear Greg” portion where he wittingly answers the different relationship problems he was addressed with. One example was from a dummy letter sender named Marla who moved-in with her boyfriend that started talking about marriage and having kids with her. Thinking that she would get an engagement ring, she bought a plasma TV for her boyfriend who suddenly breaks up with her for no reason. And he replied,

“Dear Plasma Giver,

First of all, never buy a man a Plasma TV until you’re married. You should also let him know that the proper etiquette is that if a girl breaks off an engagement she should give back the ring. If a man breaks up with you, he should give back the TV.”

But that was just the funny side and here’s the serious part;

“One of the suckiest and most frustrating facts of life is that sometimes relationships just end, often without reason. I truly believe that sometimes both men and women simply run out of love, even when there was a lot of it in the beginning”.“There’s nothing you can do to make him want to be with you and more important, want to marry you. What blows even more is that you were completely blindsided even though the relationship was broken on his end, he had clearly led you to believe you were in the same place emotionally”. “Get your head around this great new thought: Hey Superfox, you are headed somewhere fabulous and there are great possibilities ahead”.

I’m pretty sure that you’re thinking, this is just another girl’s book. And guys do not buy nor even dare to read this kind of book because men process their emotions differently. The book was subtitled “The Smart Girl’s Break up Buddy” because it was written by the authors with women first in their mind but guys do have a special part in this book too. It has a bonus chapter dedicated for tough dudes like you.

The book cites a collection of real situations from which you can relate and learn from. It will help you understand why even long-been-there relationship breaks and why it is not your own & sole fault when it did. It gives advices on different situations and presents the fair way of handling them. It will let you imagine what had been if this is what you did in a certain situation and makes you realize how embarrassing it is for you if you’ll do it that way. Really, this is a face-saving grace especially for those who use to react impulsively.

The couple-author of this book shared a lot of wisdom in relationships which we can actually apply. The book is filled with encouragement and positivity to help you get through with break up gracefully.

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© 2009 Caroline Guillermo


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