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It's Coming On Tiny Footsteps From The North.

Updated on October 8, 2009

It's coming on tiny

footsteps from the north.


((( \ O / )))

        / \/

Summer lurks

like a smirking child

who's waiting just
around the corner
teasing all who watch by
playing peek-a-boo.

Soon it will leap out
bubbling with joy
launching paper boats
on babbling brooks
stretching its lazy arms
in endless circles
under the sun.

Hours will s l o w

to a crawl
while tires swing

out over cool rivers
that catch falling
oh's of flesh.

Flowered meadows
will make toddlers
cavort and hop like

bees to pollen.

The world will drift

in sweet saunas
until summer at last runs ,
with frenzied burning feet
across the fields
of sun baked grass ,
into memories only
found in Autumn .

When once more
it's gone from sight
Leaves will tremble
at its passing
then fall in piles
to mark it's exit.






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    • hpguy profile image

      hpguy 8 years ago

      Very Nice!!!!