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Its In Your Eyes

Updated on August 14, 2016
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Writing Poetry has filled a large portion of MOJ's Life, beginning with childhood. Writing is a creative venue and lifelong enjoyment.


Riding the Harley, wild and free, looking into your eyes is like looking at me. So blue as the ocean, clear depths are fathomed, with emerald green.. Hues of translucence, shimmering sheen, in your laughter, your expression, your urgent gaze upon the waters, gators lurking, waiting for a prey.. but you are so calm and not afraid.. you said a strange closeness, this is what I mean.. In your eyes, when they're looking at me; Its who we are, and who we'll always be..
I saw you were happy, I saw you were pleased; I sensed your glowing, I could hear your heart beat. It was relaxing, fun and carefree.. riding the iron horse, along the bay, by the bayou, and the causeway. We stopped along a bad place, you said no place to be, but yet we were safe, as we passed through, tickets bought already, for the evening races, and long ago relatives, homes were safe, So it was to be, that we made sure we could ride two together and make our life fun. You said, please don;t scare, me, and I replied, no, I never will; while riding the highway, returning home, winds blowing us and prickling our skin, sun already warmed us, people around, us, oblivious.
The Iron Horse, the midnight Road King, sounding like a tractor, roared down the freeway, but always easily, safely; and without alarm. I watched all the night, amazed at the charm of your radiance, your smiling, happiness pouring from the one I knew, since I was a boy.. you cautioned us, you laughed at us, you said "really" with your eyes. If it was words you said, the "Pecan braid is the best" , and mine " I like the cinnamon swirl scone it so delicious", with our coffee black, "drink it like a real man" or, was it "like a mam? whatever you said, it made it true. whatever I said, I meant it too.. too much to fathom, too much to think, what is it that this ride has done? I don't know, won't ever know a thing; except I see it in your eyes..
Shifting gears, back to reality, low, second, third, fourth, fifth, and finally to sixth which is cruise speed, light as a feather, quick on its round rubber feet.. riding the night and never to second guess, no not even to think.. was this ride to free us, sadness to leave behind, opening those deep blue eyes, and forgotten dreams, never a day to late? Life is still before, us, lighthearted and happy, your hair blowing freely in the wind. leaning, together and smiles, the horse now resonates deep notes of unbounded joy. Not so much as sky diving perhaps, but of someone who you care so much. I ride back home across the waters of the bay, with memories still lingering on my own head of slowly turning grey... I think of this one so dear. just a while ago, we were so near, yes, were were, but always ever near, need never fear, not to lose and not ever lost, its there, even when the Harley is parked. when the Harley is parked. Because its in your eyes.
Poem By MOJ
Oscarlites, copyright pending.

Relaxing Tea for the Evening Time

This recipe for relaxation tea is a blend of bulk herbs, and mixed together from one ounce each of Dragon Pearl Green Tea,(minty); Forever Fruit Blend; Mugwort; Passion Flower Herb; and German Chamomile;

I mixed all the herbs together, but realize the chamomile pods must be crushed before using, so you may keep it separate, and add it last when making a cup of tea.

SImply heat a cup of very hot water, Hot so it can absorb the full strength of the herbs; then add a heaping teaspoon of the combined herbs, If you add the Chamomile separately, then now is the time to do that. Finally let it steep four or five minutes before pouring through a cup strainer into another cup of the same size: add a little cold water if you desire to make it to your liking. Drink and relax. simple as that!

Once you find the perfect blend to make you relaxed and sleepy; then you might consider also adding other ingredients, such as Gingko, Ginsing, Lemongrass, or other herbs that you have learned about. remember the more variety you add, it will slowly lose individual effects, such as the mugwort, which is a strong relaxing and calming daytime herb, but also helps with creating deep sleep and usually you will dream with clarity you haven't ever experienced.


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