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It's Monday Morning and the Cramps Set In!

Updated on April 7, 2022

Is someone pulling your strings? "Looking Bad." "Looking Bad." "Short legs, big steos." "Short legs, big steos." "Applauding my capabilities." "Applauding my capabilities."

My experience....

I'm beginning to think there is a puppet-master toying with me. Although, the sun is shining and the air is finally warm out there, the cramps set in as the bus came rolling to a stop. The morning had been productive with the alarm going off and no cries from my little guy wanting to stay home. Instead he was happy and truly pleasant getting ready for school. We were both amazed that he was the first to be outside waiting for the bus. It seems our neighbors might have slept in for the usual friend who comes knocking was no-where to be seen -- a boy whom we could hear coming long before seeing him. As I see the bus coming around the bend my son Mack barges in through the door dropping his bookbag hollering that he needs to use the washroom. Immediately, I knew this was bad. In my non-matching pyjamas set, I didn't have a choice but to signal to the bus driver that it would take a moment. No-one else was around to take over the chore of informing the bus driver for me. The driver nodded when I showed him my index finger, then I turned to instruct my son to hurry. Now, the "Monday Morning Cramps," appeared in the form of desperation thoughts. "How in the world do I get him to speed things up?" Mack's school is a 35 minute drive and today I couldn't drive him. We were creating a traffic line up outside, and I was beginning to panic. It seemed like it was taking forever, but then miraculously it was over, and my son ran towards the bus with one arm in his jacket and his too-big-for-him bookbag drapped over the other arm. I thought certain he was going to trip. The idea of having to run after him in my ugly pyjamas while at least 10 automobiles and passengers were patiently sitting, most probably aggravated, flashed across my mind. I could see the bus driver was laughing, and Mack managed to get onboard even though his short little legs had a difficult time climbing those large-stride-steps. With a wave and a chuckle off they drove, and it was only then, when I didn't collapse, I realized I sure am a tough cookie. I really am a strong determined woman! I survived putting my 19 year old twin daughters to school every day--I could write a book about that and name it, "The What Not To Do(s)!!!"

And so, my experience this Monday taught me something..

The cramps weren't so bad.

How is/was your Monday Morning?


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