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It's Not a Sex Thing. It's a Natural Allure

Updated on December 23, 2020
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Missy is a unique writer who enjoys inviting her readers into her thoughts through her poetry and other topics of discussion.  



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It's just a habit.
It's just a habit. | Source

My Views on A Natural Sexual Allure

Do sex and seduction have to feel like a dirty sin? I ask this because I know some in this world possess this natural allure. It’s like it’s built into their DNA. It’s true. You can tell when someone has this type of animal magnetism to their personality. Without even knowing, sometimes they can seduce a person just by their facial expressions. How do I know this? Frankly, I eventually figured out that I’ve had this feature myself since I was a young girl. How do I know it’s natural, and some don’t even realize they have it at first? Because I was the shyest person in the world. I never talked to anyone, yet boys and men would naturally want to flirt with me for some odd reason. Talk about confused, I was a confused little girl up into my teen years, and that’s when I finally saw exactly what others were seeing. I noticed the way my eyebrows would lift when I talked sometimes or the way I unknowingly had a habit of biting my bottom lip. Unfortunately, or fortunately, whichever way you want to look at it, I also inherited a big bottom, so my walk was already full focus to all, and a great topic of positive and negative conversation; a practical topic for the males to discuss, and a judging pessimistic one for the females to talk about.

I'm Not a Seductress. I May Have Some Featured Habits of One Though. You Could Too...

Why am I writing about this? Why would I feel the need to out myself as a seductress, you may be asking? Well, I don’t, and I’m not per-se trying to out myself. That's just it. I don't really see myself as a seductress. However, knowing I have a feature like this, I think people judge me in this way. I lived with how I was treated because of this type of feature all my life, and I’m still noticed for it. Even though I am now a lot older and much thicker, I’m also a mom and still a very nonchalant laid-back person. It became apparent to me when I realized I had this trait that I had to come to terms with it, and that it’s a natural part of who I am, and it doesn’t have to be negative. It doesn’t have to be dirty. I could have this trait and be classy. I don't have to listen to people who think I look certain ways on purpose. It would only take me, myself, to come to grips because I have a trait like this, to learn to like it in some way instead of loathing it. I should learn the correct way to use it in my life.


A Few Examples of Who I Feel Has the Natural Alluring/Seducing Quality

Marilyn Monroe; I really need to start with her. I would be foolish if I didn’t. She is the epitome of seductress. However, I don’t believe she set out to be this way. Norma Jean Mortensen was born into a volatile household with a mental mother and an absent father. After several years of bouncing from foster home to foster home, she ended up living her remaining childhood years in an orphanage. Marilyn later would reveal she was sexually abused as a child. I feel so bad to know Marilyn lived with this abuse because as a child, I’m sure she was unaware why this was happening to her, and we all know it shouldn’t have happened to a child, or to anyone for that matter. Even so, Marilyn possessed an allure that could not be denied, and as it tortured her in her childhood, I believe she got the mindset to use it to benefit her future. Was she wrong in doing so? I don’t think she was at all. I think she realized something she had that she could not hide, and she used it with class and dignity to become the most world-renowned actress and sex symbol of all time. She was knowledgeable. You could hear it in her words, and she never seemed like a tramp, but she learned to have fun with what she could not deny or cover-up; her seducing natural animal magnetism. I believe in the end; it wasn’t her sexual persona that sent her over the edge. I believe it was her unfortunate luck through life with personal issues. However, I believe Marilyn Monroe took her natural ability to seduce and use it in a fun way. She benefited all of us in doing so. She was a great talent and a loving and caring person, and now she will live forever in our hearts.


Angelina Jolie; is another undeniable natural seductress? Much like Marilyn’s story, she had a turbulent childhood. Maybe not in the same way as Marilyn, but Angelina had a very famous father, Jon Voight, that she is never seen with much. Although she had a very loving mother, Angelina always found herself in the midst of rumors about her stability and sexual drive. I think she did rebel against it through her younger days, but for years now, up until this very day, she has learned to build on her allure and use it to show off her strengths in all kinds of ways. She is a brilliant, dedicated actress, mother, wife, and humanitarian for many worthy causes. She has also tapped into other passions of hers; director and producer of films. She will be an icon in every sense of the word, and she is now having fun with her life. Even though Angelina was diagnosed with the BRCA1 gene and had her breasts and ovaries removed in preventive measures to better her chances of never getting cancer, she will remain a sex symbol because of her natural persona. Like I stated earlier, if you have this enticing trait, it’s natural, and it doesn't matter if you get bigger, smaller, or in Angelina’s case, lose your female counterparts. It will always be there. In my opinion, her bravery and dignity have made her alluring trait even more dominant. She's Beautiful!


Concluding My Thoughts on the Subject

This type of natural trait doesn’t only exist in women. Some of the men whom we have seen through the years that have it also would be; Angelina Jolie’s better half; Brad Pitt, and also Tom Cruise , Chris Helmsworth, and some very tremendous actors in earlier years; Paul Newman, Robert Redford, Clarke Gable. These men are just to name a few, and will always and did always have that certain air of allure.

My point in this conversation is this; I wanted to come to terms out loud for myself about something that has sometimes given me a bad name. It has now and then made me seem narcissistic. And at times, it has been a very aggravating thing to defend myself over. However, I had to stop having hate for my normal, at times, unknowing quality of seduction and alluring expressions, and learn to turn it around for positive influence. I hope I am handing down my advice to my teenage daughter and even my young son. I have noticed both have acquired this natural alluring trait.



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© 2016 Missy Smith


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