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Its only a dream, dream sequence 1

Updated on February 13, 2012

Dream 1

Have you ever had a dream that woke you up at odd times that left you breathless. We all know very few remember our dreams and when we do we only remember fragments of our dreams. What feels like hours, really only a short span of time has taking place. This happens to me often so I found it useful to the ones that I do not understand I will keep a journal by my bed. Upon waking up, I will set a few moments aside to try and write what it is I saw or was doing at the time.


Whats the dream

I was in my basement which for me is often seeing how I like to spend a lot of time in my solitude. I only remember bits and pieces but I was listening to music when I heard a group of people come in upstairs. I run upstairs as a force of habit when I notice my brother and father we're home. My brother Jacob had brought two girls home whether they we're friends or not, I could of swore I had seen them before. My dad was in the living room, and there was an older gentlemen by the door. I remember asking my dad is my mom was home yet and he looked at me dazed and confused. It hit me then maybe a moment of clarity that my mom had passed, so I brushed it off and said never mind. The two girls we're in the kitchen and they we're cooking which is odd, to have someone in your house you hardly know cooking. My brother looked at me and and told me it was not much but he would be going to the grocery store here soon to by some food for the house. Which in reality would never happen. The next thing I know the two girls and myself are taking out the trash. We get outside and one of the girls said she say a little boy. Her friend and myself start laughing, it was pitch black out but you could still see a little just like any time at night. A brought up the fact that little kids that act above their age freak me out. We started talking about the movie let me in, then I brought up the movie case 39. We reach the back gate and throw the trash away, then begin to walk back up to the door. I turn around and see a little boy through the gate rush behind our picket fence then run a long side the gate. The way it was done was so freaky like the boy was spying on us. I did not get to see a face for the way he rushed behind the fence was so unreal like something out of a horror movie. Instantly I freak out and wake up. Look at my phone as a habit to see what time it is and it was 7:17 AM. This number is peculiar to me for it is the same number as my birth date. This happens to my frequently that I will look to see what time it is, and it just happens to always either be 7:17 AM or 7:17 PM, to often for comfort. I try to analyze that maybe something is going to happen on my birthday that time is trying to prepare me for, whether it be good or bad I guess time will tell.


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