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About you

Updated on November 16, 2012

Milling about, they stand,

they sit, not knowing,

not feeling,

but I can.

This one is angry,

that one is joyful;

I ask myself:

Is it me?

I move closer, joy feels good.

When the joy is gone

I wonder:

What have I done?

I must rekindle this joy;

I must soothe that anger,

because I know:

It must be me.

I amuse, I placate,

I abase myself, until finally

I realize:

I cannot help.

Now I am angry, or sad,

for I have no cure.

One day I'll know:

It’s not me,

It’s about you.


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    • Ryan McGill profile image

      Ryan McGill 5 years ago from Omaha, NE

      I think your rocker is just fine. There are a lot of ways to say the same thing. Everyone is available for the connection meant in the poem above; most people shut that part of themselves down. Thanks for your visit Aykian!

    • aykianink profile image

      aykianink 5 years ago

      There's a part in the movie where someone is talking about what our society is like now. (It's been years for me now, too, so this is going to be blurry:) Just stuff like how we don't really connect anymore. The only 'real' contact one person has with another is that quick moment when we CRASH into each other...I thought that when reading your work. (re-reads it now) Hm...maybe I'm totally off my rocker here...

    • Ryan McGill profile image

      Ryan McGill 5 years ago from Omaha, NE

      Thank you Aykian. I have seen Crash, but years ago. I'd love to hear where the question comes from.

    • aykianink profile image

      aykianink 5 years ago

      Hm. Have you seen the movie "Crash?" Interesting poem.