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Ivar Part 1

Updated on January 24, 2020

Ivar cover

Ivar Part 1 Flash Fiction

Part 1
By Esa Myllylä
Flash Fiction

Chapter 1

It is 940 and it is winter, you see how the snow lies on the branches. One sees
mountain peaks in the background. Not a trail can be seen in the snow. The
snow is fluffy and easily disappears in the wind. Suddenly, screams are heard
from both south and north. Thousands of people are running against each
other and an echo of strokes has begun.
You see how the snow turns into a sea of blood. The scream comes back as an
echo from the mountains. The battle is nearing its end and the North men
stand as winners. Ivar covered in blood and the king of the kingdom of the
north screams out of joy. Vinland's people feel defeated and retreat and try to
bring their injured. Suddenly it becomes silent. Everyone faces and looks at
the forest which has a mysterious fog. They hear how it grunts and steam as it
would be in a hot spring in the winter. They see with big eyes how trees
break down like a strong wind takes them down. The snow disappears from
the tree tops. All soldiers in Vinland and Northland look with big eyes and are
terrified they hear roaring from the beast. They see big eyes that are yellow, it
looks a glimpse of the beast but no one really sees what it looks like but it is
so big. Ivar orders ten men and he himself to pick up the hunt for the beast.
The rest of the soldiers from Vinland and Northland retire home. Ivar and the
men run towards the forest that the beast was last seen. With bows they
shoot against the forest without knowing where the beast is. They approach
the edge of the forest and crouch to avoid being seen, Ivar orders his men to
roll in the snow to remove the smell of blood. They hear how trees knock and
branches are broken. They slowly creep into the forest. They see a figure
further away that walks away from them towards the mountains. All men
look at each other and wonder how they can kill this beast.

Chapter 2

The sun starts to go down and is seen a bit on the mountain top. The men see
a silhouette further away and it is dog like. The men look at each other and
discuss how a dog can be so big. They conclude that spears can kill it but have
to hit right. They agree on what they are doing. the men hurry towards the
beast walking towards the mountains. They see that it is big as a house, has a
lot of fur and big furry tail. They find it hard to keep up with the beast even if
it goes slow. The men start running towards the beast and soon they have
caught up with it and they throw some spears. They miss and see how the
beast starts to run, the men pick up the spears running towards the beast and

throw again. A spear hits the right leg and a large roar is heard and it echoes
throughout the valley. The beast turns around with its yellow eyes and
growls with large white teeth. They see what it is. It is a wolf but big as a
house. The wolf takes his big gap and bites around the spear shafts and pulls
out the spear, the wolf throws away the spear. The men look at each other
and Ivar screams out, Spring! The men look at the wolf that moths and steam
come out of the nose.
The men turn around and run for life. They look at the wolf as well as they
jump how it starts to run against them. The forest is dense and they hear how
trees fall down. Ivar runs and branches and big snow lumps falls on him. Ivar
screams out. Spread out.

Chapter 3

The wolf stops and sees the men how they spread out. The wolf takes his
choice and runs against Ivar and two men who are close together. One of the
men throws a spear at Ivar, as he receives it with his left hand. Ivar hides
behind a large stone. Ivar shakes off fear and hears how the wolf is
approaching, he feels how the steam from his nose breathes toward him and
looks up. He sees how the wolf mourns against him and drool drops on his
face. Ivar tries to meet with the spear against the wolf but misses. The wolf
takes his right paw against the big stone and rolls it over Ivar's legs. Ivar
screams out of pain. The other two men shoot with bows that hit the wolf.
The wolf screams from pain and falls down. They rejoice to have met and field
the wolf. Suddenly they see how the clouds dissipate and a bright light hits
the ground. The light disappears and the men and Ivar see nothing. After a
little while. Begin to look again. They see a man with a golden spear coming
towards them. Ivar starts to grasp what it is and asks for the gods for
forgiveness. It is Loki who has come and he takes his spear and points to the
two men. Sharp light comes out of the spear and the two men split into
thousands of pieces. Ivar apologises for what he has done. Loki answers, see
what you have done to my son. As a punishment you should not be able to
walk. Loki swings with the spear and cuts off both legs, but Ivar feels no pain
but panic when he sees that his legs are cut off.
Loki swings with his spear and a light slowly comes down towards Loki and
the wolf that turns into a young man. Loki picks up the two arrows and slowly
they fly up to the sky.
Ivar thanks the gods for living, but deep down he is angry. How can he control
the kingdom without bones.


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