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J.R.R. Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings Trilogy (A Reader's Companion)

Updated on September 13, 2011

For Those That Love It, Welcome to Middle-Earth

This piece of literature has now fallen into the shadow of the films in terms of overall recognition. Those of us who read it over again for the pleasure we recieve reading Tolkien's prose know better. The little stories being told in between the action were always my favorite. Problem is, I could never find them again if I wanted to go back for a little taste. I told myself that next time I read it, I would take notes so that I could look up these little tales again. It took about 6 weeks to complete this time. Here are my notes word for word.

This was a labor of love. Not about Swords or Hobbits. Beautiful Storytelling.

The Silmarillion


Illuvatar and Melkor,

The Children of Illuvtar are the Elves and Men

(The First Born and the Followers)

Manwe of Airs and Wind

Aule of Skill and Knowledge

Ulmo of Music and Water

The Valar The Powers of the World

Battle for the Domination of Arda

EA The World That Is, Melkor Spoils All

The Earth was Fashioned in the Deeps of Time

The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien


There and Back Again by Bilbo Baggins

Chapter I - An Unexpected Party

Gandalf! A Burglar? Dragons, Dwarves & Gold

Chapter II - Roast Mutton

The Trolls: Bert, Tom & William, Cave of Riches, East of Rivendell

Chapter III - A Short Rest

Elvish Hospitality: Food, Rest & Gifts, Elrond

Chapter IV - Over Hill and Under Hill

Storm On The Mountain, A Dry Empty Cave, Captured by Goblins, Gandalf's Rescue, Glamdring & Orcrist (Biter and Beater), Deeper in the Mountain, A Fall On Rock

Chapter V - Riddles In The Dark

The Ring! Riddle Contest, Bilbo Disappears, Escaping The Goblins

Chapter VI - Out of the Frying-Pan, Into The Fire

Reunion and Respect, Rockslide Fall, Wolves, Trees, Eagle Escape, Food At Last

Chapter VII - Queer Lodgings

Gandalf's Warning, Beorn's Staggered Introduction, More Food! Gandalf and Beorn's Departure, Come Home Satisfied, Ponies & Provisions, Head Into Mirkwood, Gandalf Leaves Again, "Don't Leave The Path!"

Chapter VIII - Flies and Spiders

The Boat, Bombur Almost Drowns, Bilbo Climbs a Tree, Black Emporer, Bombur's Feast Dream, Butterflies, Leaving the Path from Starving, Feast Illusions, Bilbo All Alone, Slaying a Spider, Naming "Sting", Rescuing The Dwarfs, Self-Respect, Thorin Oakenshield Jailed by the Elves

Chapter IX - Barrels Out Of Bond

Bilbo's Barrel Breakout, Catching a River Cold

Chapter X - A Warm Welcome

Lake-Town Master Believes, Heading for the Mountain

Chapter XI - On The Doorstep

Scouting and Finding "The Door", Pounding and Pondering, Thorin's Key, Entry to the Lonely Mountain

Chapter XII - Inside Information

Bilbo & Balin Begin, Smaug, Stolen Cup! Riddling Dragons, Insult and Escape, Smaug's Weakness, Dragon Doubts about the Dwarves, Ponies Eaten, Hiding in the Mountain

Chapter XIII - Not At Home

Darkness, Smaug Leaves, Back to the Lair, Light Treasures and Gold! Taking the Arkenstone, Thorin's Mithril, The Front Gate

Chapter XIV - Fire and Water

Smaug Attacks Lake-Town Esgaroth, Bard-Lord of Dale is the Dragonslayer, Help of the Elven King, Elvish Aid, Unguarded Treasures, Heading for the Mountain, Hobbit and Dwarves Presumed Dead

Chapter XV - The Gathering of the Clouds

Roac the Talking Raven, Smaug Is Dead, Back to the Mountain, Block the Front Gate, Cheifly Cram, Bard's Parley, Thorin's Greed, Holed Up in Dragon Stink

Chapter XVI - A Theif In The Night

Arkenstone vs. River of Gold, Dain of Iron Hills Approaches, Bombur's Delight, Kerplunk! Bilbo, Bard & the Elven King, The Arkenstone of Thrain, Gandalf, Dreams of Eggs and Bacon

Chapter XVII - The Clouds Burst

Thorin's Rage, Bilbo Set Free, Dain's Arrival, Gandalf's Plea, The Battle of Five Armies, Goblins on Wolves, Thorin's Charge, The Eagles are Coming! Clunk!

Chapter XVIII - The Return Journey

Baggins! Alive After All, Peace With Thorin, Eagles and Beorn to the Rescue, Thorin Fili & Kili Fall in Battle, Bilbo's Reward: Chests of Silver and Gold, Yule-tide at Beorn's House, Weary

Chapter XIX - The Last Stage

Road Home, Digging Up the Troll Treasures, Auction at Bag End! Gandalf and Balin Visit, A Happy turn in Reputation, Poetry, Peace and a Pipe

The Lord of the Rings by J.R.R. Tolkien


Book I

Chapter I - A Long Expected Party

Eleventy-One, A New Ringbearer, Hobbit Gift Customs

Chapter II - The Shadows of the Past

The Green Dragon, Gollum's Tale and Samwise Gamgee

Chapter III - Three Is Company

Leaving Bag End, Black Rider, Gildor & The Elves

Chapter IV - A Short Cut To Mushrooms

Farmer Maggot, and Merry Brandybuck

Chapter V - A Conspiracy Unmasked

Crickhollow, Fatty Bolger, Good Friends

Chapter VI - The Old Forest

Lost Hiking, Hungry Trees, Old Man Willow, Saved By a Madman

Chapter VII - In The House of Tom Bombadil

Goldberry, Rest + Feast = Dreams, Lessons about Roads & Forests

Chapter VIII - Fog on the Barrow Downs

The Wight, Cold Stones & Treasures, Tom Sees Them Off

Chapter IX - At the Sign of the Prancing Pony

Frodo Sings, Bree-Landers, Strider, Mr. Butterbur

Chapter X - Strider

Gandalf's Letter, Aragorn, Merry's Walk

Chapter XI - A Knife in the Dark

6 Days of Marshes and Midges, Weathertop, Beren & Luthien, The accursed Blade of the Ring Wraiths

Chapter XII - Flight To The Ford

Trolls of Stone, Long Cold Ache, Glorfindel, The Waves of Mane

Book II

Chapter I - Many Meetings

Gandalf! The Feast of Gloin, Bilbo, Hall of Fire

Chapter II - The Council of Elrond

Boromir, Isildur's Bane, Hunt for Gollum, The Scroll, Gollum's Escape, Radagast The Brown, Saruman's Betrayal, Gwaihir the Great Eagle, Beset of Rohan, Gandalf's Journey, Decisions, Unmaking the Ring, Ring Bearer Chosen, The Fellowship

Chapter III - The Ring Goes South

Company of Nine, Sting and Mail, Scouting, Bill's Renewal, Miruvor, Caradhras on the Mountain

Chapter IV - A Journey in the Dark

The Hounds of Sauron, Speak 'Friend', The Well, Durin of Moria

Chapter V - The Bridge of Khazad-Dum

Fall of Gandalf the Grey, The Balrog

Chapter VI - Lothlorien

Mithril, Haldir, Blindfolded

Chapter VII - The Mirror of Galadriel

Sam's Vision, Offering It Freely

Chapter VIII - Farewell to Lorien

Feasts, Gifts, Gimli's Loss

Chapter IX - The Great River

Gollum's Pursuit, Shot in the Dark

Chapter X - Breaking of the Fellowship

Boromir's Turn, Departure with Sam


Book III

Chapter I - The Departure of Boromir

Valiant Death of Boromir, Many Riddles

Chapter II - The Rider's of Rohan

Orc-Hunt, Groans of the Earth, Eomer & The Riders, Hasufel & Arod, Promise of Return, Old Man

Chapter III - The Uruk-Hai

Ugluk & Grishnakh, Escape to Fangorn

Chapter IV - Treebeard

Saruman of Metal and Wheel, Entwives, Entmoot, Bregalad, With Doom We Come

Chapter V - The White Rider

Gandalf The White, Saruman's Vision, Isengard's Folly, Fighting the Balrog, Shadowfax

Chapter VI - King of the Golden Hall

Weapon's Check, Wormtongue, Theoden's Wake

Chapter VII - Helm's Deep

Gandalf's Errand, Orc-Siege, Erkenbrand

Chapter VIII - The Road to Isengard

Burial, Gimli's Caves, Herdsmen, Ent Revenge, Merry - Doorwarden

Chapter IX - Flotsam and Jetsam

Pipe Weed, Pippin's Tale, Huorns vs. Orcs, Ents vs. Saruman, Flood, Grima's Swim

Chapter X - The Voice of Saruman

Theoden's Vigilance, New White Wizard, Saruman's Choice, Watchwood

Chapter XI - The Palantir

Pippin's Orthanc, Shadowfax Away, Communication with Mordor

Book IV

Chapter I - The Taming of Smeagol

Escaping Emyn Muil, Capture of Gollum

Chapter II - The Passage of the Marshes

Wraiths on Wings, Splintered Smeagol

Chapter III - The Black Gate Is Closed

Mordor, Frodo's Threat, Third Road

Chapter IV - Of Herbs and Stewed Rabbit

Herbal Refreshment, Faramir, Battle with Southrons, Mumak of Harad (The Oliphaunt)

Chapter V - The Window on the West

Trial, Boromir's Like, Isildur, The Ring Revealed, Highest Quality

Chapter VI - The Forbidden Pool

Fishing, Gullom's Life Spared

Chapter VII - Journey to the Cross-Roads

Hiking, Hiding & Resting, Gullom's Leave

Chapter VIII - The Stairs of Cirith Ungol

Leaving Ithilien, Morgul-King, Straight & Winding Stair, Last Lap

Chapter IX - Shelob's Lair

Eyes, The Web, Gollum Attacks Sam

Chapter X - The Choices of Master Samwise

Sam's Vengeance, Slaying of Frodo, Gorbag & Shagrat, Signs of Life


Book V

Chapter I - Minas Tirith

Denethor's Query, Beregond & Bergil, Leagues of Men, No Dawn

Chapter II - The Passing of the Grey Company

Halbarad Dunadan, Merry's Pledge, The Paths of the Dead, Eowyn's Will, The Dark Door, Fulfilling the Oath

Chapter III - The Muster of Rohan

Denethor's Plea to Theoden, Merry Rides With Dernhelm

Chapter IV - The Seige of Gondor

Faramir Returms, Gandalf & Pippin, Denethor's Turn, Grond, Nazgul

Chapter V - The Ride of the Rohirrim

Ghan-Buri-Ghan, Wild Men's Road

Chapter VI - Battle of the Pelennor Fields

Theoden's Fall, Eowyn's Stand, Morgul-King Slain, Return of Aragorn

Chapter VII - The Pyre of Denethor

Rescue of Faramir, The Palantir

Chapter VIII - The Houses of Healing

Pippin Finds Merry, Faramir & Eowyn, Ioreth, King's Foil, All Healed

Chapter IX - The Last Debate

Blackships of the Dead, Baiting Sauron

Chapter X - The Black Gate Opens

The Mouth of Sauron, Remnants of Frodo, Pippin vs. The Troll

Book VI

Chapter I - The Tower of Cirith Ungol

The Ring Tempts Sam, The Watchers, Sting on the Steps, Shagrat, The Ladder, Rescue of Frodo, The Ring! Frodo The Orc, Escape

Chapter II - The Land of Shadows

Light & Water, Marching with Orcs

Chapter III - Mount Doom

No Sharing This Burden, Lightening Their Load, Sam Carries His Master, Gollum Attacks Frodo, Sam's Mercy, The Ring Is Mine, Gollum's Precious fall, Frodo Is Saved, Poor Hand

Chapter IV - The Field of Cormallen

The Eagles are Coming! Victory! Gandalf Rides to Mordor, Gwaihir, Praise Them With Great Praise, Sam's Song of Satisfaction, Pippin & Merry, Ent-Draughts, To The Sea

Chapter V - The Steward and The King

Faramir of Ithilien, Eomer Home, The Companions of the Ring, Sign of the Eldest Trees, Midsummer Arrival of the Elves, Arwen Evenstar Weds The King

Chapter VI - Many Partings

A Gift from Queen Arwen for Frodo, Settlement of Gimli & Eomer, The Forest of Druadan Given to Wildmen, Merry Weeps for King Theoden, Hail Eomer! King of the Mark, Treebeard frees Saruman, Legolas & Gimli to Cave and Wood, End of the Fellowship, One Last Ent-Draugt, Bilbo's 129th Birthday

Chapter VII - Homeward Bound

Return to Bree, Butterbur's Warning, Bill The Pony, Southfarthing Leaf, Gandalf Goes At Last To See Bombadil

Chapter VIII - The Scouring of the Shire

Shirriffs and a Cheif, Bill Kicks Bill, Farmer Cotton & Rosie, Uprising, The Battle of Bywater 1419, The Foul Rape of the Shire, Empty Bag End, Saruman Revealed, Frodo's Mercy, The Stabbing, Wormtongue's Pains, Murderous End to Saruman

Chapter IX - The Grey Havens

Lobelia's Release from Lockholes, Bag End & Bagshot Row Restored, Last Remnants of Sharkey Gone, New Row, Grey Dust of Galadriel, A Proper 1420, Sam Weds Rosie, Little Elanor Gamgee, The Oak, The Elves with Gandalf & Bilbo, The Grey Road, "Well, I'm Back."


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