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The Jades

Updated on January 21, 2013

A full moon rose into the black sky joining the countless stars. One by one the streetlights turned on lighting up the parking lot and main road.

I had finished hanging the spider webs when Dannie and Vicky walked in, carrying shopping bags.

“Happy Halloween Jade…” Dannie began

“Everything looks great.” Vicky commented

“Thanks; Jade and I worked most of last night to finish everything.” I replied

Over the years ‘The Circle Lounge’ was known for serving both supernatural and mortal communities. But I think our holiday parties really put us on the map.

Spider webs were made into a boarder touching the ceiling. Two skull shaped candles sat on each end of the bar. Each table had two black pillar candles waiting to be lit.

“So what’s on the menu tonight?” Dannie asked

“Jade made jello shots, they’re chilling in the refrigerator. We’re selling those for two dollars. We’ve got half prices appetizers, entrées, and drinks.”

“Sounds great; let’s get into our costumes.” Vicky suggested

We went into the office, Dannie and Vicky put their shopping bags on my desk. A few minutes passed and we came out a nurse, police officer, and a dead bride.

“Happy Halloween girls…” Jade H began

She was standing behind the bar putting bottles of wine into the cooler. She wore a long bell sleeved white shirt, white skirt, and matching ‘Mary Jane’ shoes. A set of white feathered wings sat on the bar. But they soon rose into the air, unfolded and Jade slipped her arms through the straps which went over her shoulders.

“Happy…” I paused

“Anniversary sister…” She replied

“You met on Halloween?” Vicky asked

“Yeah; she also helped me with my powers.” I nodded

“Cool.” Dannie commented


In the fall of ’03, the college Jade H and I attended had put together a Halloween party. Earlier in the day I had taken a table in the back of the café to unwind from a long day of classes. Someone brought me a cup of coffee along with a small glass of milk.

After adding two packets of sugar I added some milk, soon the spoon began stirring everything together. I had taught myself some control of my powers, but I kept a shield up, blocking out people’s thoughts. With so many voices flooding my head it gave me headaches.

“Hey do you mind if I sit here?” A female voice asked

“Sure; I know it gets crowded sometimes and seats get taken fast.” I replied


I looked up to see a girl my age and height. She was average build, tan complexion, brown eyes, and dark red hair tied into pig tails. My eyes wondered from hers, staring at her outfit. She wore a black t-shirt, black plaid skirt, fishnet stockings, and ‘Mary Jane’s ‘with skull buckles.

“Nice…” I paused for some reason the words couldn’t come out

“Outfit… thank you; you’ve got some skills there.” She replied pointing at my coffee mug

“Thanks, I taught myself.”

“Wow me too.”

She smiled as her black messenger bag opened and a bottle of Pepsi came out. Her bag closed as her soda opened itself. I sat there feeling like an amateur doing pallor tricks.

“That is amazing.” I blurted out

“Why do you have a wall up?” She asked

“So many voices, it gave me headaches.” I sighed

“Maybe I can help with that. I’m Jade Hanson by the way”

She held out her hand, “I’m Jade Smith, nice to meet another me.” I replied. We shook hands and both took a drink of our beverages.

“So when did you come into your powers?” She asked

“When I was ten years old, I was outside in the backyard. I was sitting on a swing that hung from a large oak tree. No one was around to push me, and then I moved on my own. But I didn’t start hearing thoughts until I was twelve. What about you?”

“I was also ten years old. I was in the kitchen and thought about opening the window, but it opened on its own. I was shocked and experimented with what I could do. I didn’t hear thoughts until I was thirteen.”

“How did you…”

“Control it? It took a lot of practice and I learned to filter out what I wanted and didn’t want to hear.”

“Could you show me?”

“Sure. Are you going to the party tonight?”


“C’mon it’ll be fun. It’ll be good practice, plus you’ll meet some of my friends. Don’t worry they’re supernatural too.”


We exchanged phone numbers and she sent me a text message with the address to her house. I pulled up to her house that night and my jaw dropped. It was a restored Victorian house. After taking a deep breath, I straightened my black dress and grabbed my witch’s hat and walked up to the front door.

It opened as I saw Jade come out of the kitchen. She wore a red corset, black skirt, and black lace up boots. A devil tail was attached to her skirt, as a pair of horns landed on her head.

“Hey I’m glad you came. Are you ready to begin your training?” She asked

“Yeah…” I replied

She led me into the study; I sat on the couch, her desk chair rolled up behind her. As she sat down, she got closer to me.

“First we need to get rid of that shield.” She began

“How? I’ve have it up for years.” I asked

“Close your eyes and take a deep breath in. As you exhale, turn that wall into a screen.”

I exhaled feeling my wall crumbling down.

Can you hear me?” She asked her voice echoing in my head

Yes! I sense others coming; a tiger, wolf, and demon.” I replied

Great; my friends are here. Try opening the door…

“Jade… anyone home?” A male voice called

We both stood up, her desk chair went back to the desk. Two guys about six foot stood with a girl who came up to the length of their arms. Both guys were dressed as knights and carried swords, while the girl was dressed as an angel.

“Guys this is Jade. Jade these are my friends Drake, Dannie, and Ash.” Jade H replied

“It’s nice to meet you all.” I smiled

“You too…” Ash replied

“Let’s go party!” Dannie cheered

We left and piled into Jade’s escalade and headed for campus.


Vicky had set up her D.J station and soon music began playing. I had just sent Dannie with a tray of beers, when I felt someone behind me.

“You’re late…” I said

“I’m sorry babe. I got tied up at the office…” He replied

I turned to see Ryan dressed in a dusty tuxedo; his face was white, with dark circles painted under his eyes.

“You look beautiful.” He commented

“Thank you. I had to shorten the dress, it was too long and I was afraid I’d trip.” I replied

“Looks like a great party.”

“Things should be calming down soon. And we’ll be able to enjoy ourselves.”

“I’m going to find Talon and Aiden.”

“There sitting in the first section of couches.”

He took me into his arms and kissed my forehead. I watched him make his way over to our friends.

“Things seem pretty steady.” Marcus commented appearing beside me

“You don’t have to ask, you and Victor can have the rest of the night off. Enjoy…” I smiled

“Thanks boss…”

Give them the night off?” My sister asked

Yeah; I think we let them work long enough.” I replied

Good. They deserve it after all the hard work they put into for tonight.

I looked around and everyone was having a great time. But it made me think back to the school’s party, where I had begun to accept my powers.


Rainbow colored light danced across the white tiled floor. Music blasted from the D.J station in the right hand corner of the room as people crowded the dance floor.

Don’t be afraid. Have fun…” Jade whispered

I nodded as she took me by the hand leading me onto the dance floor. We moved as one person, I felt everyone was staring.

They’re pretty good…” A male voice echoed in my head

Dannie came up in front me; her white wings glowed in the dark. She wore a short sleeve white dress and white sandals. The music slowed and I saw Drake walk up to Jade. He held out his hand, she took it, her hands wrapped around his neck.

“Jade would you like to dance?” Ash asked


“You’re a telepath with telekinetic powers?”

“I am; Jade is helping me come into them. I guess I never embraced them like she did.”

He laughed and I stared at him quizzically.

“She was like you. I helped her accept her powers. “

“Are there other supernatural beings out there?”

“There are, but most live in secret. Not many mortals are accepting of us.”

Jade, Ash, Dannie, we gotta go. Drake couldn’t control his damn temper. We’ll move the party to my house.” Jade interrupted

We’re coming…” I replied

We walked out to the parking lot to see Drake leaning against Jade’s car. Jade was sitting in the driver’s seat.

“What the hell happened?” Dannie asked

“He hit on a girl with a boyfriend.” Jade and I said in unison

“Idiot…” Ash growled

“Everyone get in, the night is still young.” Jade chimed in

“And we should party.” I added

I sat next to Jade, Dannie and Ash talked in the back. Drake remained silent.

He likes you.” I commented

Then why did he do something so stupid?” She asked

Because he doesn’t think you like him back, in that way. Wow this sounds like a high school soap opera.” I laughed

Shut up.

We arrived back at Jade’s house and we sat in her study, music played from a small radio that Dannie had in her car.

“To another Halloween together...” Jade held up her glass of wine

We all rose our glasses together and got lost in conversation. By the end of the night, Ash, Dannie and I left, leaving Drake and Jade alone. Ash took me home in his black pick-up truck. We sat in silence until I looked over at him.

“I’m much older than you think. But I’m immortal and will never age.” He began

“Impressive; you knew Jade and I were going to meet. And she would help me accept my powers rather than reject them.” I continued.

“I have premonitions; amongst other powers.”

“Interesting; but I know you won’t ever display them unless you need to defend yourself.”

“After one day, you’ve improved. Just keep following your instincts they’ll guide you the most.”

“Thanks Ash.”

After that night they became my friends. We took care of each other. Not a lot of our fellow students at school were accepting of us. That led us to meeting more supernatural beings who lived in fear. After graduation Jade and I came up with idea, during the summer of ’07.

We invited Ash over to Jade H’s house and sat outside on her porch.

“You want to open a what?” He asked

He stared at us as if we each had grown an extra head.

“A lounge...” I replied

“We’d serve both the supernatural and mortal communities...” My sister added

“We’ve met so many over the years. Some would like a home away from home.” I continued

“It sounds like a great idea. But do you have…” Ash paused

“Killian’s family owns a liquor warehouse and said he would supply us. And we have a spot picked out.” My sister chimed in

“So far a lot of our friends love the idea. It’s only a matter of going through the proper channels to get it built. Will you help us?” I asked

“I’ll help; no one has ever come up with an idea like yours. “ Ash nodded.

We were thrilled, as Ash left to contact friends in the construction business. After he left, Drake arrived to pick up my sister. They had started dating at the end of last year, he treated her very well and he knew he’d have to answer to me and Dannie; if he did anything to break her heart.

Later on that night I was sitting outside, when I felt something wasn’t right. I walked inside to hear my cell phone ringing. I knew it was Jade.

“What’s wrong?” I asked

“I broke up with him.” She replied sounding so calm

“Oh my god, he made you his mistress...”

“Exactly; it’s not like I signed up for that. He says he loves me, but he wouldn’t know what it is, if it bit him on the ass.”

We laughed, “Do you need me to come over?” I asked

“No I’m on my way home. But I left him tied to a telephone poll. So he’ll be there a while, unless he transforms and breaks the ropes.”

“Wow; I will talk to you tomorrow.”


By the end of the week, in the morning I met up with Jade and Ash at the location we had picked for the lounge. Ash was standing with my sister and Dannie’s father Raul.

“Good morning…” I smiled handing my sister a cup of coffee

“It’s nice to see you again Jade.” Mr. Cortez held out his hand

“Hello Mr. Cortez.” I replied

“Ash told me about your idea. I had this drawn up.”

As he unrolled the blue prints, Jade and I held the print in mid-air.

“We’ll make it two stories, basement downstairs. I do have interior decorators that will assist with furniture. But for now it’s a start.” Mr. Cortez began

“It looks amazing…” I commented

“Can’t wait to see it built.” Jade added

“Great.” Ash grinned

“How soon…” I paused

“Can you get started?” Jade finished my sentence

“Today … if you like…” Mr. Cortez replied

“Excellent…” Jade and I said together


By midnight the party had calmed down, I was loading the dishwasher, when Dannie came behind the bar; putting her tray on the shelf.

“What’s up?” I asked sensing something was wrong

“Max is in labor. Myra needs me.” She replied

“Call if you need anything.” Jade chimed in appearing next to me


She went into our office and came out dressed in a pair of jeans and blue t-shirt. Aiden pulled up in his car and they left.

“I knew there was something wrong.” I commented

“But it was a good thing.” Jade added

“True; I’ve never doubted my instincts.”

After I said that statement our eyes met, she shook her head.

I’ll explain later…” Her voice echoed in my head

I smiled as her ‘devil’, Talon came up behind her. He had two horns sticking out from his forehead and he was dressed in all black; made me happy to see them together again.


Four months into construction, Drake asked me out to lunch. I was at the site coordinating with Mr. Cortez when he pulled up, my sister pulled up beside him.

“Are you ready to go miss?” Drake asked

“I am.” I replied

Be careful sister…” Jade’s voice whispered

I know he’s a very tricky wolf.” I replied

He took me into town to a small diner. After we were seated, I sensed he was a little nervous, but I couldn’t tell what was wrong. Drake was never an easy read.

“So how is the construction going?” He asked

“Good. Mr. Cortez is really easy to work with.” I replied

“That’s good.”

An hour later, he suddenly felt more comfortable and I decided to just enjoy the moment. Later on that night I invited him back to my house. I came out of the kitchen with two cups of coffee. We sat in my living room, while my spoon began mixing the milk and sweetener.

“So how did you finally get free from that telephone pole?” I asked

“I transformed and went home. It was wrong and I felt bad about it.”

“Seeing the error of your ways?”

“Something like that…”

Our eyes met he leaned in and kissed my lips gently. I sighed and then my eyes shot open.

“You dirty dog…” I growled

“What are you talking about?” He stared at me confused

“Thought you’d get me and my sister?”

My cup rose into the air and floated above his head.

“Hiding the ring in your shoe… very crafty thinking Max wouldn’t find out. I could call and tell her where you are. I know she’s looking for you.” I began

“Please don’t…”

“Then get out.” Jade appeared in the entrance to the living room

“I called her, don’t worry…” I paused

“We didn’t call the wife. But you will have to explain yourself. You know she’s been getting very suspicious.” Jade continued

He slowly got to his feet and flashed out of the room. Jade sent the coffee cups into the kitchen sink.

“Are you okay?” She asked

“Yeah; one tricky wolf… I’m just glad…”

“It didn’t go any further. You want to come back to my place?”

“It’s ok… Killian is waiting outside.”

My jaw dropped open as my sister smiled at me, “Yeah it is what you’re thinking. And no, it’s not interfering with our business venture.”

“Have fun. I’ll see you at the site tomorrow.”

After she left, I went into the kitchen and washed the cups. As I placed them on the drying rack, I sensed someone was sitting in my living room.

“Hey Ash…” I said

He was seated on my couch, his backpack sitting beside his feet.

“Are you ok?” He asked

“Yeah, besides my bruised ego, I think I’ll live.” I replied

“That’s good. He never could get enough of one…”

“But why lie?”

“He’ll have to tell you one day. It’s a long story which he only brought up to me once and never repeated.”

“So I guess he’s going into hiding again?”

“Probably, until the bar is open. He’ll definitely be a frequent visitor.”

“Good to know.”

“Anyway I’d better go, just wanted to make sure you were ok.”

“Yeah I’m okay.”

He flashed out of the room; I locked the front door and went to bed.


By the fall of ’08 Jade and I stood inside the finished product of our vision. It was everything we had wanted. The opening was busy, thanks to Ash spreading the word. Six months passed and business was booming, one cool November evening I met Ryan.

Jade was in our office working on inventory, while Dannie was serving the first two sections of couches. I was behind the bar mixing a lemon drop martini when he walked in. He wore a pair of black sneakers, blue jeans, white t-shirt over a dark gray hoodie. His black hair was tied back, his dark eyes looked nervous as he sat down at the bar.

I poured the martini mixture into a glass and sent it to the other end of the bar. Our eyes met and I walked up to him placing a napkin in front of him.

“Hey what can I get for you?” I asked

“Sam Adams …please…” He replied

“Sure… you’re new around here?”

“How can you tell?”

“I know all of my regulars. And you aren’t one of them. Where are you from?”

I opened the bottle and placed it in front of him. He took a sip, while I started his tab.

“San Diego…” He replied

“Wow long way from home. What brings you all the way out here?” I asked

“It’s a long story…”

“Oh, I’m sorry… I’m being nosy.”

“Don’t worry about it.”

“Well, we don’t judge anyone here whether you’re a supernatural or mortal. And we’re here if you need to talk or just a home away from home.”

I turned and went into the office to see Jade on the phone with Killian. She hung up and I sat down at my desk.

“There is a warlock at the bar, all the way from San Diego.” I began

“Cute?” She asked

“Yeah, but he’s very guarded like I was when…” I paused

“We first met. Go back out there and just be calm and less nosy.”

I laughed and went back out behind the bar. He was still sitting slowly drinking his beer.

“Jade… I need two cosmos and a rum runner.” Dannie began

“No problem.” I replied

Ryan’s eyes lit up as I mixed the rum runner and the cosmos were mixing themselves.

“Telekinetic?” He asked

“Yeah and a telepath, so is my sister and co-owner, also named Jade.” I replied

The cosmos mixture poured itself into two martini glasses, while I poured the rum runner into another glass. I hit the bar and Dannie came over to collect her order.

“Like I said we serve both mortal and supernatural communities.” I continued


By closing Ryan was still sitting at the bar, we had gathered our belongings and were ready to go home.

“Hey do you have a place to stay tonight?” I asked

“No; is there a hotel close by? I just arrived here tonight.” He replied

“Yeah there the Brandywine Inn just two blocks from here. Tell Alyssa Dannie sent you, she’ll get you a room at a discount price.” Dannie suggested

“Thanks.” He smiled

We followed him out to his silver V.W. Jetta with California plates. As he pulled out of the parking lot, I felt bad; he being a supernatural caused him to leave his home. The next afternoon I got to the bar early for Killian’s company to make a delivery. As I unlocked the door, I stopped and smiled.

“You know it’s rude to sneak up on someone…” I commented

I turned to see Ryan standing behind me.

“Eyes in the back of your head.” He grinned

“Something like that. What are you doing here?” I asked

“I came to thank your friend for getting me the room at the hotel.”

“It’s no problem. You want to come in? I could use the company, while I wait for a delivery.”


I lead him into mine and Jade’s office; he sat down at my sister’s desk.

“I’m sure the weather is a change from the warmth you’re used to.” I commented

“A little bit, but I vacation in Colorado on skiing trips.” He replied

“So what brings a brilliant attorney to our little town?”

He gasped, but laughed as I pointed to my head.

“You probably know I’m a warlock. That’s what brought me here. I had been working at a well-known law firm in San Diego. Everything was going so well, they had offered to make me a partner last year. But suddenly that dream got pulled out from beneath me.”

“What happened?”

“Someone found out I was a warlock. He went straight to my boss and before any formal investigation started; to see if I used my powers to win cases, I left. But I didn’t use my powers to win cases.”

“And no one at the firm would have believed you.”


“Killian’s here, I’ll be right back.”

I got up and walked out to the parking lot to see Killian and his employees unloading the truck.

“Right on time…” I commented

“Yeah… your sister would kill me if I was late.” He replied

“Most of the delivery can go downstairs.”

Killian nodded and I went back inside to see Ryan sitting at the bar.

“Hey I’m going to order in some sandwiches, would you like to join me for lunch?” I asked

“Yeah, thanks.”

From then on we started dating and Ryan was able to start up his own firm here in town. He hired both mortals and supernatural beings. It was nice to see him practicing law again and without fear of judgment.

It was great to see him acting like himself. Jade noticed it too and was happy. By October the ‘Circle Lounge’ had become legend, more supernatural beings found a safe place to enjoy drinks with friends. Local newspapers and reporters came for photos and interviews. The walls gradually got covered with clippings from the papers, magazines, we became famous.

Three months later, Vicky arrived into town and got a very warm welcoming. We heard shouting coming from the parking lot. Jade and I walked out to see a girl about my sister’s height, tan complexion, wearing a white sundress and black flip flops. Her dark pink hair fell past her shoulders, while her wings fluttered from her nerves. She was cornered by two were-panthers with claws exposed, ready to fight.

“Please just leave me alone…” The girl begged

“Hear that Mike, fairy girl wants us to leave her alone.” One commented

“Sorry pretty fairy it only makes the hunt more exciting…” His friend replied

“Leave her alone.” Jade and I said together

We waved our hands sending them flying, I took Vicky inside. As we came into our office we sat down on the desk. She was shaking; her hair fell past her face hiding her eyes.

“Hey they didn’t hurt you did they?” I asked

“No…” She replied

Come into the office, she’s really shaken up.” I called to Jade

Alright…”; “What happened with those two losers?” Jade asked as she walked into the office

“I don’t know. I just arrived tonight and those two followed me from the bus stop on Main Street. At first it was whistles and cat calls. I told them to back off, but they kept coming and I ended up here. Thanks to you two, I don’t think they’ll be coming round here unless they want a fight.” Vicky replied

“Her first night here and already she probably hates our town.” I sighed

“No, but some welcoming committee.” She laughed

“What’s your name?” Jade asked

“I’m Victoria, but people back in Washington D.C, called me Vicky.” She smiled extending her hand

Jade and I shook it, and then continued to talk.

“Welcome to the Circle Lounge…” I paused

“The only bar serving both humans and supernatural beings of all kinds. We don’t judge by any means and everyone is welcome.” Jade added

“I’m Jade and this is my sister Jade. We own this fine place.”

“You two are sisters?” Vicky asked

“In a weird way… yes” We said together.

We learned Vicky came from Washington to start over. She had been in an abusive relationship with a demon. It wasn’t easy leaving a dream job at a famous boutique and her friends, but she left. Jade and I decided to hire her as our assistant. We had been thinking of a few ideas to build our business and needed someone to manage what we had planned.

The three of us came out of the office; Vicky sat at the bar, while Jade and I continued to work. By two in the morning I took Vicky home to stay with me until she got back on her feet. As we walked inside, I showed her to my spare bedroom.

“I’ll put some fresh towels in the bathroom. Would you like anything to eat or drink?” I asked

“I’m not very hungry, but thank you.” She replied

I walked into my room, my sister and I have similar taste in furniture. “Jade…” my sister’s voice echoed in my head. I had just taken out a white t-shirt for Vicky when I knew Jade needed me.

“Vicky…” I called

“Yeah… Jade?” She asked

“I need to go back to the bar, Jade needs me. Do you want to stay or come with me?”

“I’ll come with you.”

We climbed back into my silver Honda Civic and drove back to the bar. The door opened and Jade was sitting in the first section of couches, her head buried in hands.

“What happened?” Vicky asked

“He broke up with me…” Jade sobbed

“Let’s get you home.” I whispered

The three of us drove to Jade’s house in silence. Once we pulled up her driveway, we watched the front door open. All of us got out and brought her upstairs to her room.

Vicky made sure the boards were being held in the window to block out the lights. I sat Jade down on her bed and went over to her closet. After changing her into a black t-shirt and gray plaid pants, she got underneath her blankets and fell asleep. “Talon…” her voiced cried in my head.

“Come on…” Vicky commented

“Sister…” Jade whispered

I walked over to her bed and then nodded to Vicky, we left. We walked into my house; I sat down on the couch.

“There are fresh towels in the bathroom. Feel free to borrow any of my clothes, they should fit.” I paused

“What did she ask you?” Vicky asked

“To start your job, we’d like you to bring Jade her mail, it’s mostly bills. And please make sure everything in the house is in order.” I continued

“No problem. I’m going to bed, good night.”



The next morning I came out of the shower to see Ash sitting at the end of my bed, the dark blue comforter tangled with the matching sheets.

“Ash, could you warn me next time?” I asked pulling my pink robe closer

“I’m sorry, but came here to see how Jade was doing.” He replied turning away from me

I went into my closet and put on a pair of jeans and red t-shirt. As I came out, Ash turned to me as I sat beside him.

“I feel her sadness and the hurt he cause her. All she wants to do is sleep, I don’t know if she’ll get out and feed. I called Dannie to let her know.” I commented

“Talon has disappeared as well. He won’t be coming around here for a while; he knows you and Dannie would…” He paused

“Yeah we would. I know she’ll be alright, she needs time.”

“Good. I’m sorry that I frightened you.”

“It’s ok.”

He flashed out of the room. The connection we had become faint, she knew that I didn’t want to feel her pain or sadness. At first it felt weird, even at the lounge, I had to stay strong and not let her emotions affect me.

A month passed and one night after closing, I was sitting in the office when I felt someone behind me. I turned to see her standing in the doorway, she wore her lace up black boots, black skirt, and red buttoned shirt.

“I knew you’d come back.” I commented

“It still hurts, but I have to be strong. Thank you for taking care of things while I was away.” She replied

I got up and hugged her tightly. We talked most of the night, picking up where we left off. We were back and our name stepped into the spotlight.


We closed up early and went back to Jade’s house. She lit some candles; Talon brought the cooler from the lounge and put it in the study.

“We spent many Halloweens here. And it’s become a tradition to come back, remembering how it all started.” Jade began

“Good or bad we took care of each other. And anyone who came through the door of the lounge.” I added

“So a toast to this family… may we always…”

“Live, laugh, and love…”

All of our glasses clinked, “Well said Jade…” Ash commented. We heard the door open, “Anyone home?” Aiden called

“In the study…” Jade and I replied

“It’s twins! Two girls!” Dannie cheered

She took out her phone, pulling up a picture of two small girls, one wrapped in a blue blanket; the other in pink.

“They’re beautiful.” I whispered

“Meet Sierra and Samantha.” Dannie commented

Ryan came up behind me, “Can I steal you for a few minutes?” He whispered in my ear. I nodded and took him by the hand. We walked out on the porch; the moon had risen higher into the sky.

“Jade…” He paused


He got down on one knee holding a small white box.

“You’ve become my best friend and I love that we can talk about anything. Being with you has been the best time of my life. Jade Smith will you marry me?”

The box opened revealing a white gold ring with a small diamond.

“Yes I will marry you.”

As he slid the ring onto my finger, I leaped into his arms. He spun me around; everyone appeared at the front door applauding. As everyone congratulated us, I noticed my sister was wearing a ring, two hearts intertwined. I realized what she wanted to explain, but it was just between us sisters.


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